Is McGilchrist Getting Ahead of Himself?

I’ve now read the whole of Part 1 of “The Matter With Things”, including but not just the summaries. As advertised it is a thorough collection and organisation of scientific and empirical evidence and argument for left and right hemisphere dysfunctions and their interconnections, genetic and physical, indicating their quite distinct “normal” roles, hemispherically deficient … Continue reading “Is McGilchrist Getting Ahead of Himself?”

The Matter With Things – Iain McGilchrist

[Latest Updates: Initial impressions on receiving the book. Thoughts on completing Part1 Thoughts on completing Part2 Review on completing Part3 & the whole. ] Iain McGilchrist’s new 2-volume book was published earlier this week – I’ve not yet received my copy and was unable to attend any of the launch events either online or in … Continue reading “The Matter With Things – Iain McGilchrist”

McGilchrist’s Divided Brain

An excellent RSA (Royal Society of Arts) animation of a lecture by Iain McGilchrist. (Hat tip to David Morey on Facebook for the link.) Blogged several references to reading McGilchrist’s “The Master and his Emissary” but never wrote a complete review in one post – It so knocked me out, it led me into other … Continue reading “McGilchrist’s Divided Brain”

Henri Bergson – Note to Self

Added Bergson’s Creative Evolution to my reading list after finding so many references in McGilchrist’s latest. And had also noticed lots of cross-links between Bergson and Whitehead / James through an active “fan” of Bergson on my timeline in the last couple of years (Emily Herring). Keep coming across references to him having been the … Continue reading “Henri Bergson – Note to Self”

Heritability of Psychological Traits

Always contentious that atypical variations around the typical “human condition” are (a) real in any objective sense and (b) heritable as much as they are plastic in mental development. Always PC to avoid medicalising conditions away from such norms, and variety has its own value anyway, but the woke extreme of PC often denies the … Continue reading “Heritability of Psychological Traits”

Meta Communication of Things

[Latest updates re The Matter With Things: Preview in preparation for its arrival Initial impressions on receiving the book. Thoughts on completing Part 1 Thoughts on completing Part 2 (this post) Review on completing Part 3 & the whole (tba). ] I’m in a bit of a quandary. I have now, actually since the middle … Continue reading “Meta Communication of Things”

There We Have It

Mentioned earlier collecting previous links in preparation for receiving Iain McGilchrist’s latest, well here it is: Iain McGilchrist The Matter With Things – Our Brains, Our Delusions and the Unmaking of the World Volume I – The Ways to Truth Introduction Part 1 – Chapters 1 to 9 plus Coda The Hemispheres and the Means … Continue reading “There We Have It”

Poetic Naturalism Meets Fine Tuning

This is just a placeholder for something I should write based on my reading of Sean Carroll’s “The Big Picture” particularly chapter 36 on Fine Tuning. I’m still reading and almost finished, having posted 2 or 3 reflections so far. Whether I ever do a full review or not, it is very good despite many … Continue reading “Poetic Naturalism Meets Fine Tuning”