Austin Update

After a week over in North Carolina and Maryland, I’m back in Austin for a second visit. Had the experience again of driving up from Houston on 290 – all the meadow grass and spring flowers on the median as well as either side. Beautiful. In Antones, saw Gary Clark Jr again, with Eric Zapata … Continue reading “Austin Update”

Austin at First Sight

Had a weekend free between business in Houston last week and conference in Vegas this week, so I spent Friday & Saturday on my first visit to Austin, TX. The SXSW festival was a couple of weeks ago, so I had no idea what to expect from Austin. I’d noticed Todd Snider supporting Yonder Mountain … Continue reading “Austin at First Sight”

Gary Clarke Jr & Eric Zapata

Been a “fan” of Gary Clarke Jr since I saw him at Antone’s in Austin Tx back in 2009 & 2010 and later saw him on the road to fame with a 2013 appearance on Jools. Didn’t spot he’d played Glastonbury in 2016. Interesting comment under the YouTube video crediting the rhythm guitar. First time I … Continue reading “Gary Clarke Jr & Eric Zapata”

HTLGI2022@Hay – Mostly Meta

Just a quick diary of my 4 days at the IAI “How the Light Gets In” festival in Hay-on-Wye 2 to 5 June 2022, from a logistical & meta perspective first, before I get down to any people and significant content. Being also the Jubilee holiday, the main car-park in Hay was free so I … Continue reading “HTLGI2022@Hay – Mostly Meta”

What is the Matter with Things?

A Summary of Iain McGilchrist “The Matter With Things” [My writings on Iain McGilchrist’s TMWT, and TME (The Master and Emissary) before it, are many, but unfortunately that means that no single post, since my reading of TMWT, gives any introductory overview for a new reader.] So what is the matter with things? In Two … Continue reading “What is the Matter with Things?”

Follow The Money?

Or does the money follow them? The “TERF War” has been topical here because it exemplifies the “woke” culture wars that have totally disfigured public discourse. Essentially that wider rationality has been “captured” by a simplistic, selective, PC, polarising and sloganising objectification of facts and rights that squeeze out all care for individuals, nuance and … Continue reading “Follow The Money?”

Galen Strawson – Mistaken Identity

Somewhere in my recent past, since this 2011 post, I have conflated Ray Tallis with Galen Strawson in my mind, not having read the original work of either other than their reviews / opinions of others. Doubly weirdly, I’d completely forgotten Jack Klaff had been the host / chair, someone I follow closely on Twitter … Continue reading “Galen Strawson – Mistaken Identity”

The Architecture of the Brain

I’m reading Adam Zeman’s “A Portrait of the Brain” (2008). I’ve previously read his “Consciousness: A Users Guide” (2002) after seeing him give a talk in Cambridge in 2003. He’s become short-hand for me as the “Z” in from Austin to Zeman in listing all the various neuroscientists who have investigated “abnormal” behaviours in real … Continue reading “The Architecture of the Brain”

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