Quality in Mastery – Draft

Had tip to David Matos over at ZMMQuality on Facebook, for spotting this review by Steven Mintz on Adam Gopnik’s “The Real Work: On the Mystery of Mastery” The reviewer spots the great parallel with Pirsig’s “Quality” work, which is not actually mentioned by Gopnik. Mintz also spots the parallel with Richard Sennett’s “The Craftsman” … Continue reading “Quality in Mastery – Draft”

Trivium 21c – First Thoughts

I’m reading Martin Robinson’s “Trivium 21c” – apparently propounding adoption of the classical Trivium for the 21st century, so far anyway. As is my wont, after a scan of contents and a read of introductory chapters I’m posting my early thoughts, so I can more honestly talk about new learning vs existing reinforcement later. First … Continue reading “Trivium 21c – First Thoughts”

RIP Robert Pirsig (6 Sep 1928 – 24 Apr 2017)

Sad to hear of yesterday’s passing of Bob Pirsig, aged 88, at home after a period of failing health. Thoughts are with Wendy and the family. Bob was my seed-crystal – the catalyst that triggered all manner of connections between the super-saturated collection of issues and thoughts that already had me on my “What, why & … Continue reading “RIP Robert Pirsig (6 Sep 1928 – 24 Apr 2017)”

More on the Myths of Science

Further to the rant by Jerry Coyne about James Blachovicz piece which I reacted to here, there’s more. Forbes’ Ethan Siegel responded and so did Bill Storage at The Multidisciplinarian. Hat tip @chrisoldfield in all cases. Where to start? It’s still all about turf wars over broad and narrow definitions – and I’ve said what I needed … Continue reading “More on the Myths of Science”

System Complexity Hits Home

Discovery News article on the complexity of computer systems in domestic cars, prompted by the recent Toyota recall. Hat tip to Donald Firesmith for the link on LinkedIn. More lines of code than F22 / F35 / B787 / A380 avionics systems. I have experienced that complexity myself recently. Last year I bought a new … Continue reading “System Complexity Hits Home”

The Buddha in the Machine

Noticed a few weeks ago that Matthew Crawford’s “Shop Class as Soul Craft” had been published in the UK under the title “The Case for Working with your Hands“. Noticed yesterday he was on Andrew Marr’s “Start the Week” on BBC Radio 4 with Martin Rees … billed as the philosopher Matthew Crawford. The listen … Continue reading “The Buddha in the Machine”

Working With Your Hands

Interesting to see Matthew Crawford’s “Shop Class as Soulcraft” published in Europe as “The Case for Working with your Hands”, and reviewed here in The Irish Times. It was the working with your hands lyric from Lamb Lies Down on Broadway that came to mind when I reviewed the US edition just about a year … Continue reading “Working With Your Hands”

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