Blake was a Blogger

Almost finished reading Bronowski’s “Man Without a Mask”, about the life and works of William Blake, and was struck, by this summary … “We find [Blake’s life] eccentric, only if we miss it’s context, which is made by his writings and his times together [American and French and Industrial revolutions] … the context of a … Continue reading “Blake was a Blogger”

Pirsig was a Blogger

In Lila, we get a great deal of description of the process Bob Pirsig used to manage his thoughts whilst creating ZAMM, and he gives us an insight into his trunkful of 3000 4″ x 6″ slips (index cards) in his letter of January 5th 1969 to his publisher James Landis. He mentions it again … Continue reading “Pirsig was a Blogger”

Pepperone Postcards – Fractal DOM

Semantic WebLog / Pepperone Postcards – Danny Ayers blogs.RDF techie (must learn what RSS is / does)but anyway some key tidbits, not least links to … Orchard – “Data Manipulation Framework . Sounds familiar. Appears to be DOM grove based”.See my Manifesto – Orchard, Grove, and Jorn’s Fractal Thicket.Daniel Rivers-Moore had it right already with … Continue reading “Pepperone Postcards – Fractal DOM”

After the Fireworks

8th July 1968 was a Monday 50 years ago when Robert Pirsig set off from the Twin Cities on his Honda CB77 Superhawk with son Chris riding pillion and friends John and Sylvia Sutherland alongside on their BMW. That road trip to California formed the narrative of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (ZMM). You … Continue reading “After the Fireworks”

The Fate of Evil Genius?

There are so many points at which David Lavery’s sources on thinking and writing touch mine, that I need to remind myself that it might be no coincidence. I suspect I picked-up a lot of references from reading an on-line draft of his “Evil Genius” back in 2004, though I know a lot more about … Continue reading “The Fate of Evil Genius?”

A Matter of Taste

Had almost a two week blogging hiatus, despite being very active all over social media – some idiot called Trump/Brexit/Corbyn? And indeed reading books as well as on-line reads, but all very fragmented with no effort into linking and synthesising. It’s fixing the idiocy – received wisdom – that really interests me. Still can’t find … Continue reading “A Matter of Taste”

How Does it Feel?

Interesting to hear Roger McGough and Pat Kane discussing the Bob Dylan Like  a Rolling Stone manuscript on Radio 4 Today this morning. Seeing the process of composition in discards of rhymes and couplets in the handwritten edits. Obviously I’m sensitive to the topic, still reading Clive James Cultural Amnesia, of poetry in writing good prose. In … Continue reading “How Does it Feel?”

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