Lakoff by Winer

Dave Winer interviews George Lakoff. Thanks to Matt at WordPress. It’s a worthwhile listen. Informal and rambling, but some good stuff about the (deliberate) psychology of associating ideas with words when describing candidate and party positions in the current US Presidential campaigning. (Framing and Parent / Child & Strict-father / Nurturing theories.)

Lakoff’s Metaphor and War

Lakoff’s Metaphor and War has been much linked and quoted in the blogoshpere. This Joho link picked-up from Solipsism Gradient (Rainer Brockenhof). Blogged a link to Lakoff’s piece earlier without comment, but found it disappointingly shallow given the subject matter – Joho calls it “close to self-parody”. I still have “Metaphors We Live By” and … Continue reading “Lakoff’s Metaphor and War”

MML – Me & My Languages

I’ve had actual language lessons in maybe four non-English foreign languages at various times, studied a couple more as a precursor to needing to learn them and looked-up some basic vocabulary in a couple more for travel reasons. More generally, I’ve taken longer term interest in etymology, particularly from Proto-Indo-European roots and sometimes Sanskrit sources as well … Continue reading “MML – Me & My Languages”

Haidt’s Happiness

As a practitioner of positive psychology (and an atheist) Jonathan Haidt’s “The Happiness Hypothesis” reads at times like a spiritual self-help book, and in a sense it is, but it is supported by a mass of academic and scientific references. The Psybertron agenda has been on evolutionary psychology as a description of both epistemology (what … Continue reading “Haidt’s Happiness”

The Pond Metaphor

Both Shawn and Mark at Anecdote have blogged about James Harlow Brown’s “Dangerous Undertaking: The Search for Transformation“. The book is on my reading list, but I have several others ahead of it in the pipeline at the moment, however this metaphor reinforces why it looks interesting to me. Yes, overlapping patterns of involvement in … Continue reading “The Pond Metaphor”

Talking of Perversity

As I was in the Opposite Aphorisms post below … here is a link to Steve Johnson’s latest book “Why Everything Bad Is Good For You“, linked from Euan Semple’s blog. I assume this is the same Steve Johnson as in Lakoff and Johnson ? Looks worth a look. Looks like pure Dynamic Quality. Almost … Continue reading “Talking of Perversity”

Hofstadter and Zen

I’m well through Godel, Escher, Bach. Hofstadter is almost apologetic in his introduction about his appparent espousing of Zen philosophy, almost distancing himself from it to maintain credibility with serious scientific peers. It’s actually pretty clear in the book that he is not ultimately sympatheic to it anyway, but he does provide a good summary … Continue reading “Hofstadter and Zen”

Science is Metaphor

Did Timothy Leary really say that (as Dave Pollard quotes) ? You learn something every day. Pretty much every linguistic representation or explanation of anything is metaphor at root, dead or alive, (Lakoff et al) , so no argument with the sentiment. Can I have some of what he’s having ? Maybe not, as Dave … Continue reading “Science is Metaphor”