Engineering at the Dawn of Time ?

Terry Bristol, Director of ISEPP (University of Oregon) introduced the concept of reality as Engineering into the Friends of Wisdom environment, which caught my imagination, because I’m an engineer and came to this space through engineering. (Notice, Linus Pauling and Bob Ulanowizc connections BTW.) And, having been inflicted by Pirsigian Metaphysics of Quality before noticing … Continue reading “Engineering at the Dawn of Time ?”

Synchronicity, Jung and I Ching

Synchronicity, Jung and I Ching – start a new thread.I Ching Edition & translation by Hellmut Wilhelm & Carey Baynes.On-line copy of the Foreword to I Ching by Carl Gustav Jung.Synchronicity – the principle of Meaningful Coincidences. This is a somewhat mystic / psychobabble source, but a readable summary of Jung and Synchronicity, and relationship … Continue reading “Synchronicity, Jung and I Ching”

Buckie Fuller’s Synergetics

Synergeticsas in the geometry of patterns of energy in natureafter Buckminster Fuller (yes as in Buckie Balls !)covers fundamental / metaphysical world-viewWeb resource maintained by Robert W Gray Synergeticsas in a model of master system driving many slave systems.quoted by Brian Josephson plus reference to Bob Ulanovicz No resources yet found.[Update – Found via Haken … Continue reading “Buckie Fuller’s Synergetics”

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