Having concluded positively that Christopher Hitchens does know what he’s talking about in the faith vs science debate, I have to say that the rhetoric here is unnecessarily dirty. The prince is an easy target without coherent argument, or necessarily the expertise for such argument, but he is expressing a real concern for soulless scientism.

The Real Culprit is not GINGer

Just a quickie. I’m reading Hitchens “God is not Great”. I admitted earlier, when I heard him talking, that I had understimated Hitchens in all the God vs Science hysteria. Will the intelligent world ever live down guilt by association with Dawkins !? Thank god for Dennett, Harris and Hitchens (and the Archbishop). Only a couple … Continue reading “The Real Culprit is not GINGer”

Movement for or against ?

Typical George Monbiot piece in the Guardian. A rant against consumerism leading to a call for a movement against consumerism. Well yeah, but for what ? He is right when he says … “Our challenge is now to fight a system we have internalised.” But I think you need to broaden your search for the … Continue reading “Movement for or against ?”


PSYBERTRON’S MANIFESTO This page retains links to the origins of this blogging project back in 2001, and is organized in three parts: Who is Psybertron? What is Psybertron’s Worldview generally? What is Psybertron’s Agenda specifically? WHO? Ian Glendinning (Psybertron)’s profile and contact details here. (2001 vintage page, with only Resume content updated.) [Personal “Thought Journey” … Continue reading “Manifesto”

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