Successful Mass Collaboration

Very interesting “Thinking Allowed” today with Charles Leadbeater discussing his “We-Think” (subtitle – Mass innovation not mass production). Very brief part of the programme – but I was taken by the comment that all (that is all) successful bottom-up / de-centralised / self-organising collaborations like Wikipedia, Linux etc, not only seem to have some freedom-limiting … Continue reading “Successful Mass Collaboration”

Full Circle, Paradoxically

I just blogged about Colin Talbot‘s “Paradoxical Primate” which despite the unlikely sounding TLA (Three Letter Acronym) “PST” (Paradoxical Systems Theory) jargon, and the negative review I initially stumbled upon, I found the subject and title headings sufficiently attractive to order a copy. I’d just renewed contact with Bruce Charlton only a couple of days ago, … Continue reading “Full Circle, Paradoxically”

Make Love, Not War

A fantastic article from New Scientist, via Sam (via “Peak Oil” action network). It is exactly my thinking …. not just in not ignoring non-human socio-cultural-intelligence … Sam brought it to my attention, because in MoQ circles, I am always warning that socio-cultural-intelligence (layers 3 and 4 of the MoQ) are not necessarily restricted to humans, … Continue reading “Make Love, Not War”

Iran’s Nuclear Capability

Don’t normally do politics if I can help it. Here goes. There is a long “have your say” thread on the BBC site, of public opinions on Iran re-opening its nuclear plants. There is a preponderance of opinion attacking US & Western “hypocrisy and arrogance” in expressing opinion and raising the subject on EU and … Continue reading “Iran’s Nuclear Capability”

Lila – Brain Dump Notes

Pirsig’s Lila – finished at last, after many interruptions. Will add a review, but may need to re-read final few chapters to absorb. Thoughts for now. The lunatics take over the asylum again. Should I be worried ? – in ZMM I identified with Phaedrus, in this, I am Lila ! The “game” of Catch22 … Continue reading “Lila – Brain Dump Notes”

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