Classical-Rational Decision Making

Classical-Rational Decision Making. Got an interesting search hit on the site which threw up these items. Impact of the evidence-based health care “movement” on health service strategic planning, 1995-1998. by Dr Jane Farmer Department of Management Studies, University of Aberdeen. Note the scare quotes in the title, not quite daring to accept evidence-based-management approach. Good … Continue reading “Classical-Rational Decision Making”

A little delay in communication is a good thing

A little delay in communication is a good thing. A post via Lilia Effimova and Jim McGee from Rory Perry. Not quite the original point, but one I’ve made recently. [and here] Speed of light interaction does not leave enough space (ha, space again) for memetic cultivation. A little time is need for organisation to … Continue reading “A little delay in communication is a good thing”

The Nonsense of Knowledge Management

The Nonsense of Knowledge Management – Paper by Professor Tom Wilson [via Oryon] lamenting the fact that KM is just the latest fad in management bandwagons. Actually he’s more objective and less scathing than that, but I have offerred the same lament once or twice recently. KM is becoming de-valued jargon linked with every management … Continue reading “The Nonsense of Knowledge Management”

Isolation is necessary for evolution.

Blinding flash – One point I picked-up from Dawkins, is that whilst genetic mutation leading to potential evolution occurs spontaneously, anywhere in any organism, in order it to get into a cycle of re-inforcement by natural selection of species, it is necessary for that population to become isolated (genetically) from other populations. In talking about … Continue reading “Isolation is necessary for evolution.”

Mind Culture Co-Evolution

Mind Culture Co-Evolution [From AsWeKnowIt.] Paul Kelly is hosting some interesting material from two ex professors of his. Including a review of “The End of Science: Facing the Limits of Knowledge in the Twilight of the Scientific Age (Benzon 1996)”. The introduction to Benzon’s Mind Culture Co-Evolution includes “Cultural evolution ….. shows up in the … Continue reading “Mind Culture Co-Evolution”

Brian Goodwin

Having finished The Blind Watchmaker – I was browsing Dawkins contribution to The Third Culture, which includes commentary on, and by, other members. I was struck by one of Dawkins quotes about Stephen Jay Gould “building non-existent windmills to take a tilt at” and felt the same problem I’m having with Rorty at the moment. … Continue reading “Brian Goodwin”

Irrational Knowledge Value Models

Irrational Knowledge Value Models in PracticeAt a knowledge interest group meeting today I experienced a microcosm of so many of the issues here. (1) The “General Motors / DeLorean effect” A failure of formal project teams to achieve scope execution and objectives desired and understood by the individual members, despite admissions that each member individually … Continue reading “Irrational Knowledge Value Models”

SWAP – Semantic Web And Peer-to-Peer

SWAP – Semantic Web & Peer to PeerI knew it. The power of peer to peer thinking fits so well with exploiting relationships between ontologies embedded in “knowledge” at each user in a peer to peer network. (Reference from Graham Moore of Empolis. Of course Empolis is part of Bertelsmann group who acquired Napster technologies … Continue reading “SWAP – Semantic Web And Peer-to-Peer”

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