Before Returning to the Cortex

Just completed Chapters 7, 8 & 9 of the Hidden Spring, having been looking forward to 7 when I finished 6, here. Wow, this is good stuff from Solms. The contents / subjects … Free Energy Principle – Homeostasis, “self-evidencing” in self-organising systems, statistical thermodynamics, entropy and information, efficiency. Markov-blankets between self-organised layers, two-way / … Continue reading “Before Returning to the Cortex”

A remarkable book. It changes everything.

Busy, Busy, Busy. Mentioned strange times regarding work-load and productivity a few posts ago; my pipeline stuffed with unread bookmarks and unresolved references, and a to-do-list with at least seven dimensions of priorities to juggle, personally and professionally. Not exactly “treading water”, but difficult to discern progress going anywhere. Ironic that the immediately previous Wittgensteinian … Continue reading “A remarkable book. It changes everything.”

Identity is not (not just) politics?

Identity Politics It is increasingly topical that names used to identify “groups” become contentious topics. Muslim vs Islamist, Humanist vs Christian Humanist, Race vs Ethnicity, Gay vs Straight, CIS vs Trans, Sex vs Gender, Ukraine vs Crimea, Greece vs Europe, UK vs its parts, Locations vs Communities, even species of Monkeys vs Humans. (Post Note … Continue reading “Identity is not (not just) politics?”


Just a holding post of references, thoughts and links … I’m researching Roger Joseph Boscovich work directly and in the work of others, following this initial post;, also following through Ernst Mach here; and here; My pen picture : OK so he was a polymath, with a big focus on geometry – particularly simple Euclidian … Continue reading “Boscovich”

Nobody’s Laughing Now

Thread on compai.nat-lang looking for predictive Markov Chain s/w to look for misinterpretation in the text of jokes, draws a humourous reponse from Darryl McCullough.QUOTEThey all laughed when I said I wanted to build a joke-telling machine.Well, I showed them! Nobody’s laughing now !UNQUOTE.Actually the post is quite interesting. (Strangely, Jim Balters threads on … Continue reading “Nobody’s Laughing Now”

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