Robert Pirsig and the Art of Freedom

An interesting irony reading Julian Baggini’s 2015 “Freedom Regained“. Baggini was famously underwhelmed when he attempted to interview Robert Pirsig back in 2006 given that Grayson Perry quoted Pirsig in his 2013 Reith Lectures on the creativity of art. Baggini quotes Perry’s use of the Pirsig passage – creative ideas as small timid furry creatures, easily scared … Continue reading “Robert Pirsig and the Art of Freedom”

Pirsig Connection

I don’t read any more than coincidence into this, but spooky none-the-less, I’ve been in Oslo, around 20 months so far, and have been aware, from mentions by colleagues, of a bar on the other side of town, Grønland on the east side, we live in Majorstua on the west side. The place is Olympen … Continue reading “Pirsig Connection”

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