Dr Eugenie Scott on ‘What would Darwin say to today’s creationists?’

On “the glorious 12th” of February Robert Ashby BHA Chair of Trustees introduced the 12th annual Darwin Day Lecture hosted by the BHA. Richard Dawkins then introduced anthropologist Dr Eugenie Scott of the US NCSE.org as the guest speaker on ‘What would Darwin say to today’s creationists?’ (Note that NCSE has a wider educational mandate, and currently … Continue reading “Dr Eugenie Scott on ‘What would Darwin say to today’s creationists?’”

Sheldrake Speaks

Found myself listening to Rupert Sheldrake last night in the Essex Unitarian Church at Notting Hill Gate in front of a congregation of The Jung Club. Fascinating encounter, despite being really only a 25 minute potted summary of his Morphic Resonance field hypothesis – increasingly elaborated in his later works with more opportunities for empirical … Continue reading “Sheldrake Speaks”

Therapeutic Psychedelics

It’s been said before, but here a Grauniad Science Blog by Moheb Costandi with a link to this full issue of The Psychologist which is devoted entirely to therapeutic psychedelics with an introduction from the now infamous David Nutt. Powerful stuff. Part of a collection, for research purposes, naturally. [Post Note : And nice to see … Continue reading “Therapeutic Psychedelics”

Rupert Sheldrake’s Science Delusion

Rupert Sheldrake’s “The Science Delusion” (2012) so-called by his publisher as a pointed response to Dawkins, is called “Science Set Free” in the US. Given my agenda – alternatives to logical-positivist materialist-reductionist scientistic-dogma worldviews – it’s not possible for me to be ignorant of Sheldrake, but I’m pretty sure I’ve not read anything of his … Continue reading “Rupert Sheldrake’s Science Delusion”

Stephen Law

Interesting conversation with Dawkins. (Hat tip to tweet from BHA.) Law is a philosopher with an interest in the paranormal, so not surprisingly Sue Blackmore crops up. Love the “God helmet” passage. Also love the infinite regress argument on what counts as “evidence”. Must follow up with Law, and the argument around the value of … Continue reading “Stephen Law”

Henry Stapp

Henry Stapp’s words quoted by Brian Josephson, were one of the first occasions I was turned on to considering that (eastern) mysticism might have something real to add to science. Both serious physicists, the latter a Nobel prizewinner, both interestingly, present at the 2003 Science of Consciousness event in Tucson. At the time (noted in … Continue reading “Henry Stapp”

Psychedelic Rehab

Interesting NY Times piece on official approval to pursue medical research into Psilocybin (thanks to Marsha at MoQ-Discuss for the tip off). And on that subject, look out for Sue Blackmore’s piece on Albert Hofmann – father of LSD – on BBC Radio 4 (19th April 3:45) Typical comment on the NYT piece “Surgery comes … Continue reading “Psychedelic Rehab”