Cambridge Values Religion

Now there’s a turn up for the BHA. Hopefully enough to make the BHA think about its position. Hopefully we’re beyond this being “just a bit of fun”. [Video Here. No time to watch the whole right now, but after Copson vs the outgoing Archbishop, you can already see where the more subtle argument lies. … Continue reading “Cambridge Values Religion”

Grayling Heads the BHA

Good to see Anthony Grayling appointed president of the BHA (British Humanist Association). He may not be my favourite philosopher, but he is streets ahead of Dawkins when it comes to understanding the arguments. For the first time, I see I am not alone in seeing Dawkins as part of the problem. Andris Rudzitis and … Continue reading “Grayling Heads the BHA”

The Real Culprit is not GINGer

Just a quickie. I’m reading Hitchens “God is not Great”. I admitted earlier, when I heard him talking, that I had understimated Hitchens in all the God vs Science hysteria. Will the intelligent world ever live down guilt by association with Dawkins !? Thank god for Dennett, Harris and Hitchens (and the Archbishop). Only a couple … Continue reading “The Real Culprit is not GINGer”

(Alfred) Joyce Kilmer

Another to add to the intriguing list of intellectuals converting to catholicism. Most famous for his much parodied “Trees”, but an interesting if brief life. I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. Picked-up on Kilmer because of this quote of the subsequent couplet … A tree whose hungry mouth is … Continue reading “(Alfred) Joyce Kilmer”

Cultural Psychotherapy ?

Since I see most problems as “evolutionary psychology” at root, you’ll not be surprised that I see a solution looking something like “cultural psychotherapy”, though the jury is still out on how to adminster the treatment. It was Alastair McIntosh in “Hell and High Water” (Chap 9) that prescribed “cultural psychotherapy” quoted here by Rowan … Continue reading “Cultural Psychotherapy ?”

Frank Ramsey

Frank Ramsey – Brother of the Archbishop Lord Michael Ramsey and son of A.S Ramsey (Mathematics, Vice-Master Magdelene, Cambs), died in 1930, aged just 26. [Cambs links broken – temporary here, and here.] Get’s a mention in Wittgenstein’s Poker as the “precociously brilliant mathematician” I notice, but I had not recognised his contribution to changing … Continue reading “Frank Ramsey”

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