Melbourne – Perth

Too soon to write on Perth, except very mild, even chilly yesterday, and everything closed early on Sunday. More later. Catching up on Melbourne … excuse my indulgent diary … Never did mention the bird-life. Even first day in Victoria Garden … Magpie Lark, Magpie and various other Crow species, not to mention various Gull … Continue reading “Melbourne – Perth”

Off The Road

Just finished Kerouac on BA2027. Aren’t west-bound transatlantic flights a great place to read – 90% of the book in the one sitting. I guess I need to understand a little of the circumstances under which it was written – one drug induced sitting ? – published 1955 about 1947 to 1949 period in which … Continue reading “Off The Road”

On The Road

Bought Kerouac some time ago; as the seminal beat-generation road story, it seemed de-rigoeur to have read it, since it forms part of the backdrop to Pirsig. Anyway I’m well into it at last. (Thinking out loud – Plenty of parallels with Pirsig’s mid-west already, though Pirsig’s timing does not overlap – his back-packing days … Continue reading “On The Road”

Reading List Update

I’ve taken the frontcover shots of the books I’m reading or have recently read off the side-bar – just too much slow graphical content for the home-page. I must construct a separate bibliography page soon. Currently I’m still working slowly through F S C Northrop’s The Meeting of East and West – full of good … Continue reading “Reading List Update”

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