Trivium 21c – First Thoughts

I’m reading Martin Robinson’s “Trivium 21c” – apparently propounding adoption of the classical Trivium for the 21st century, so far anyway. As is my wont, after a scan of contents and a read of introductory chapters I’m posting my early thoughts, so I can more honestly talk about new learning vs existing reinforcement later. First … Continue reading “Trivium 21c – First Thoughts”

Pirsig meets Foucault and more besides.

The death of Robert Pirsig last month triggered a good deal of new correspondence on his work, his Metaphysics of Quality as well as his novels, “ZMM” and “Lila“. My own summary of his MoQ, or more correctly the world-view implied by his metaphysics, I have previously presented here: I’ve expressed my (limited) appreciation of … Continue reading “Pirsig meets Foucault and more besides.”

C S Lewis and other idiots?

Just a holding post of related links: Recurring theme of mine – very smart, highly rational people converting to christian religion, even catholicism, as they grow older and wiser. Triple-first C S Lewis, Marshall McLuhan, inklings etc. This piece on losing faith in experts includes a reference to C S Lewis Screwtape Letters. (Hat tip … Continue reading “C S Lewis and other idiots?”

Love puts the “catholicus” in Catholic. @godless_mom @almostorthodoxy

There’s a research avenue I keep mentioning but still haven’t followed-up closely; that of “intellectuals” adopting Catholicism late in life. Some kind of dawning of “wisdom”. I think I last mentioned it when I (again) noticed this Francis Bacon quote in Nick Spencer’s book: “a little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth … Continue reading “Love puts the “catholicus” in Catholic. @godless_mom @almostorthodoxy”

Introducing Mary Parker-Follett

I mentioned Mary Parker-Follett to Euan Semple in a comment on one of the posts linked below. Rather than pollute Euan’s blog with some tangential detail, I thought I’d write a longer post here and simply trackback to Euan’s blog. Preamble My agenda takes in some mystical & pragmatic, monist metaphysics, which can seem a … Continue reading “Introducing Mary Parker-Follett”

A Meme By Any Other Name

The controversial meta-meme that memes are controversial, seems to have spread … like a meme. This post is partly in response to this article in Andrew Brown’s Guardian Blog, and partly as a result of a comment thread that became attached to an earlier (unrelated) post here, comments in several threads over at Sam’s Elizaphanian blog, and a … Continue reading “A Meme By Any Other Name”

Global Non-Ideological Institution ?

A “WiserEarth” presentation by Paul Hawken – on the power of ecodiversity to preserve humanity’s interests through naturally evolving collaboration. (via Mark Federman at McLuhan’s Next Message). Possibly overly optimistic, like Jeffery Sachs global economic message, but thought provoking and worthy of consideration.

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