Trust Matters

One of my management adages is “Agreement in public, disagreement in private”. I was reminded of it by this quote collection from Kevin Kelly. (Here’s the permalink to the Scott Delinger quote.) It’s one of these things that get’s tangled up in open communications, freedom of speech mantras that so many people seem to think … Continue reading “Trust Matters”

Trust at the Top

I keep banging on about this picture, so I thought I should share and explain it. Semantic Web Levels (Figure 7 from W3C Kick Off in 2001) No amount of proof, logic or science (not even computer science) can bundle trust within its communications. Trust comes from care, from humans, not systems.

Never trust a man …

… Who doesn’t work with his hands. He looks at you once, You know he understands. [Peter Gabriel – Lamb Lies Down …] Interesting to see “Shop Class as Soul Craft” by Matthew Crawford is making a buzz. The parallels to Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance are noted in reviews, but not apparently … Continue reading “Never trust a man …”

More on Trust

I keep pointing out that the World Wide Web model of information is enlightened enough to actually have trust at the top of the stack – ie however information is organized and presented on the web (or anywhere for that matter) it ultimately depends on trust in people in enforceable authority, even if the expert … Continue reading “More on Trust”

In Communication of Information We Trust

Well actually, no we don’t not without some reason to do so. Been through the cycle of debate with the family recently about business travel …. I’m in the oil, gas & energy business, I travel a lot, air-travel is very energy intensive, the global energy business is approaching crises in consumption and supply security, … Continue reading “In Communication of Information We Trust”

General Systems Theory(ies)?

[Draft Holding Post – links being added.] Cybernetics, like anything else, evolves, so I’m never talking about specific systems theory(ies). I’ve described my own journey every which way through systems engineering to systems thinking under the cybernetic umbrella. I have a nothing new under the sun attitude to any topic, whereby changing language may change … Continue reading “General Systems Theory(ies)?”

McGilchrist at Embercombe

Missed this conversation last night, so watching the recording today. Just VERY rough notes for conversation. What is the matter? Doesn’t actually answer – but talks around that we all seem to see the plight of western humanity. Then a long summary of TMWT (inc repeat of TMAHE HH content) Attention – a moral act … Continue reading “McGilchrist at Embercombe”

HTLGI2022@Hay – Mostly Meta

Just a quick diary of my 4 days at the IAI “How the Light Gets In” festival in Hay-on-Wye 2 to 5 June 2022, from a logistical & meta perspective first, before I get down to any people and significant content. Being also the Jubilee holiday, the main car-park in Hay was free so I … Continue reading “HTLGI2022@Hay – Mostly Meta”

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