Understated Wit

Still reading Sue Blackmore’s “Introduction to Consciousness”. Very good. She’s read all the the same books I have in the last 3 or 4 years and working in academe with direct contact with many of the authors, has found the time and credibility to summarise them very succinctly. I agree and I’m impressed. I kinda … Continue reading “Understated Wit”

Melbourne – Perth

Too soon to write on Perth, except very mild, even chilly yesterday, and everything closed early on Sunday. More later. Catching up on Melbourne … excuse my indulgent diary … Never did mention the bird-life. Even first day in Victoria Garden … Magpie Lark, Magpie and various other Crow species, not to mention various Gull … Continue reading “Melbourne – Perth”

Consciousness and Pirsig

Following a search hit I find a source that links many of mine …. Pirsig and VUB/Heilighen, (Einstein Meets Magritte) with Josephson (explaining the paranormal with open minded science) with Dennett, Searle and Chalmers (PoM / Consciousness) in the Journal of Consciousness Studies. A paper in the 1995 JCS reviewing the 1995 Einstein Meets Magritte … Continue reading “Consciousness and Pirsig”

What Do You Believe …

… is true, even though you cannot prove it ? The Edge 2005 Annual Question. All the usual suspects, mixed bag of answers though. Dennett, says language is a necessary pre-condition for consciousness, and interestingly, his reason concerns the need for “I”, a subject. Like that. Blackmore, says she believes that neither free-will nor herself … Continue reading “What Do You Believe …”

Chalmers and Qualia

In preparation for following up all the neuroscience pointers to the existence of pre-cognitive “qualia” being processed in the brain (at least I think that’s what’s being pointed at – I may be misunderstanding something) I was updating my link to David Chalmers’ Univeristy of Arizona site, and the expected upcoming consciousness conference, when I … Continue reading “Chalmers and Qualia”

That’s Not What I Meant

That’s Not What I Meant. Dave Pollard via Anol’s Soul Soup. Someone in this blogosphere published something very similar over a year ago, may even have been Dave. Fits very much with the Cynefin warning about what people “hear” being massively influenced by their existing “schemata”, and of course the two “laws” of Schank and … Continue reading “That’s Not What I Meant”

The Edge Annual Question 2004

The Edge Annual Question 2004 Q. What’s your law ?Here’s a selection of my favourite answers; Interesting how many are about meaning and communication, and more specifically about wishing to believe. Schank’s LawBecause people understand by finding in their memories the closest possible match to what they are hearing and use that match as the … Continue reading “The Edge Annual Question 2004”

Tucson 2004 – Science of Consciousness

How did I miss this ? The 2004 Science of Consciousness, Tucson conference at the University of Arizona is this coming week ! That’s what happens when you’re too busy with your day job. Pinker, Dennett and Blackmore as keynote speakers. (No Stapp or Josephson this year, which is a pity, but probably an indication … Continue reading “Tucson 2004 – Science of Consciousness”

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