Re-reading ZMM

Re-reading ZMM It had to happen, after reading Phaedrus, and Dr Willis, and strangely after a dinner conversation alluding to Ahab’s peg leg. (The analogies with Moby Dick are patent – The New Yorker). Pirsig says … [Quote] [Most] of the time I’m feigning 20th C lunacy …. so as not to draw attention to myself. … Continue reading “Re-reading ZMM”

Pulling the Levers – The Management Illusion

A common thread of mine is that the formally managed aspects of business life often represent the 80% with only 20% of the value, and often there is a very important hidden element which actualy represents most of the real value. (I say something to that effect in the manifesto.) In Dr Willis on-line book … Continue reading “Pulling the Levers – The Management Illusion”