Does consciousness collapse the wave function ?

Does consciousness collapse the wave function ? Now this is far too close to mysticism (Gary ?) according to Dawkins anyway. But I’m not so sure. Elizabeth Hill, recorded in the same QM2003 proceedings cannot help also invoking Schroedinger [Quote] the major weak point of the arguement being the explanation as to why we have … Continue reading “Does consciousness collapse the wave function ?”

Quantum Information Processing – Again

No joy with finding Susan Blackmore’s Meme Machine last night so I guess I’ll have to order on-line. Did pick up Richard Dawkins (Blind Watchmaker) as well as Karl Popper (Life is all about solving problems), and some Richard Rorty by way of introduction. I can see why Dawkins is so loved by so many … Continue reading “Quantum Information Processing – Again”

Synchronicity, Jung and I Ching

Synchronicity, Jung and I Ching – start a new thread.I Ching Edition & translation by Hellmut Wilhelm & Carey Baynes.On-line copy of the Foreword to I Ching by Carl Gustav Jung.Synchronicity – the principle of Meaningful Coincidences. This is a somewhat mystic / psychobabble source, but a readable summary of Jung and Synchronicity, and relationship … Continue reading “Synchronicity, Jung and I Ching”

Stapp on Science, Values & Human Nature

Science, Values, and the Nature of the Human Person. May 2001.Paper by Henry Stapp of Berkeley Physics LabsStapp much quoted by Josephson.As Nobel Laureate Steve Weinberg said recently: “The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it seems pointless.”Stapp “… intensive study of the properties of matter has revealed fundamental flaws in our earlier understanding … Continue reading “Stapp on Science, Values & Human Nature”

Beyond Quantum Theory

Beyond Quantum Theory –“A realist psycho-biological interpretation of physical reality” by Conrad, Home & Josephson, (1988) quoting Stapp “the phenomenon of state vector collapse in the domain of quantum mechanics can equally be viewed as a phenomenon in the field of mind, namely a decision process”.Revisited 2001 by Josephson …. the idea from eastern philosophy … Continue reading “Beyond Quantum Theory”

Buckie Fuller’s Synergetics

Synergeticsas in the geometry of patterns of energy in natureafter Buckminster Fuller (yes as in Buckie Balls !)covers fundamental / metaphysical world-viewWeb resource maintained by Robert W Gray Synergeticsas in a model of master system driving many slave systems.quoted by Brian Josephson plus reference to Bob Ulanovicz No resources yet found.[Update – Found via Haken … Continue reading “Buckie Fuller’s Synergetics”

Deutsch on Parallel Universes & Quantum Computing

Many Worlds / Parallel Universes Guru – Dr David DeutschDeutsch shares Josephsons conviction that quantum physics is at the heart of processing and communication of information, but famously created a stir when rubbishing Josephsons suggestion that there was anything credible in paranormal phenomena like ESP that might ultimately be explained by quantum physics or even … Continue reading “Deutsch on Parallel Universes & Quantum Computing”