Four Threads Unify Reality

I said in the previous post that I owed David Deutsch’s “Fabric of Reality” a thorough review – well in my usual style I won’t have time for that, but I can now precis my impression of his main messages, having just finished reading it over dinner. Excuse some repetition with the couple of other … Continue reading “Four Threads Unify Reality”

Mathematics Physical Awareness

The Apothecary highlights that April 2005 is Mathematics Awareness Month, reminds me that I’m well through reading David Deutsch’s “Fabric of Reality”. I owe a fairly thorough review, because it has already made a big impression. The first time I’ve been convinced by the “multiverse” idea being more than an allegorical predictive metaphor, actually more … Continue reading “Mathematics Physical Awareness”

The Bitch is in The Driving Seat

(Still not got domestic internet access yet, here in Perth, so limited on blogging time at the moment.) Managed to spend two late afternoons on the beach this weekend, and finished Sue Blackmore’s Meme Machine. I have to say I’m still a fan of Sue’s writing, but I’m glad I didn’t read her best-seller first. … Continue reading “The Bitch is in The Driving Seat”

Where Has Quantum Computing Got To ?

I last rounded up on this stuff back here. And just before this I linked to the abstracts from Quantum Mind 2003 held in Tuscon, Arizona in March this year. The original BCS Cybernetics Group stuff I linked to earlier is being taken forward in the CASYS’03 conference in Liege, Belgium in August under the … Continue reading “Where Has Quantum Computing Got To ?”

Quantum Information Processing – Again

No joy with finding Susan Blackmore’s Meme Machine last night so I guess I’ll have to order on-line. Did pick up Richard Dawkins (Blind Watchmaker) as well as Karl Popper (Life is all about solving problems), and some Richard Rorty by way of introduction. I can see why Dawkins is so loved by so many … Continue reading “Quantum Information Processing – Again”