The Goldilocks Enigma

The Cosmological Constant from First Principles



It is this cosmological principle that is willfully ignored by scientists for reasons that have nothing to do with science.

Why an Enigma?

Well, first we have a problem in physics that physicists have been trying to resolve of why our universe looks nothing like our best theories predict that it should look like?  The “natural” [1] quantum expectation derives a vacuum energy density that is about 120 orders of magnitude greater than we observe, so there must be a suppression mechanism at work now that constrains the vacuum energy density by at least 120 orders of magnitude.  The ratio between the expected density and what’s actually observed is often called the cosmological constant problem.  It has perplexed physicists for at least 50 years, and has been called the single biggest failure of (string) physicists in the last 30 years.

What is observed, looks more like [2] this:

The observed universe is near-perfectly balanced between diametrically opposing runaway tendencies that would send it racing rapidly toward dramatic extremes, were it not for an unexplained suppression mechanism that somehow constrains it to this unexpected configuration.

The Goldilocks Enigma can also be called the “Goldilocks Constraint”, because the mechanism that produces our balanced universe is also a critical feature of our own local [3] ecobalances.  This commonality indicates that there is a direct connection between the mechanism that defines the structure of the universe, and our existence, in other words, and that commonality most naturally indicates that there may be a bio-oriented cosmological principle in effect that requires carbon based life to appear over a [4] specifically defined region and time in the history of the observed universe.

It is this cosmological principle that is willfully ignored by scientists [5] for reasons that have nothing to do with science, and logic dictates that this is the reason why physicists have failed to resolve the problem of the near-static yet expanding universe in all their many years of ducking the the obvious call for a bio-oriented cosmological structure principle that actually resolves the problem from first principles.  Considering how long and hard that scientists have tried and failed to resolve the problem any other way, one would think that they would be all over this, given even the most remote possibility that it is true, much less, the evidenced plausibility that we are actually faced with, which leaves one thinking that Copernican dogma still rules the minds of scientists who would rather not resolve the problem than admit that we might not be here by accident.

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