Progress in Dialogue Again – Helen Lewis and Jordan Peterson

Helen Lewis conducted a long interview with Jordan Peterson for GQ Magazine and a 100 minute version is up on YouTube. The set-up is journalist “versus” controversial public person – “interrogates” them in a “dissection of masculinity” – was exploited by GQ, whatever Lewis’ own feminist agenda. Explicitly adversarial. (Lots of people commenting on the … Continue reading “Progress in Dialogue Again – Helen Lewis and Jordan Peterson”

The Problem is the Unmoderated Pace of Social Media

There are lots of problems with social media, blamed for so much fake news and the like, undermining everyday politics one way or another. I’ve been warning about parts of the problem for almost two decades, as a memetic phenomenon, and in the last couple of years – aside from the explicitly political commentaries – … Continue reading “The Problem is the Unmoderated Pace of Social Media”

The Boris Burqa Brouhaha

I feel the need to comment on the recent Boris bollox since it conflates several topics I’ve written about at length before. This tweet from @Whoozley sets the agenda fair enough: 1 Banning niqab/burqa or attacking people who wear it is wrong 2 Everyone has right to wear what they choose 3 …”choose” in context … Continue reading “The Boris Burqa Brouhaha”

Political Correctness is Caring About Perception

Misappropriation of political correctness really is a degenerate driver of liberal-left policy, and if we don’t find honest ways to debate it openly it will continue to fester. There is a serious Catch-22 in here. Yesterday’s social media conversations were dominated by three related topics. A secret series of eugenics conferences held annually at UCL. … Continue reading “Political Correctness is Caring About Perception”

Facts Ain’t What They Used To Be.

Just capturing this one for later unpicking, but the whole Corbyn / Trump saga is providing fine illustrations for my whole agenda on information & knowledge behind human governance decisions. Facts simply ain’t what they used to be. Clinton was far more truthful during #debatenight, but I also understand that 97.3% of the population don’t … Continue reading “Facts Ain’t What They Used To Be.”

Collected TL/DR Bookmarks for w/e 23 Sept 2016

Weekly collection of bookmarks that fell into TL/DR  category and not blogged or linked elsewhere, yet. Dave Edmonds (of Eidenow & Edmonds “Wittgenstein’s Poker” fame) writing In Defence of Moral Experts in the OUP Blog: With links to BBC Post-Brexit Points of View including philosopher contributions already noted here, and to his own book including … Continue reading “Collected TL/DR Bookmarks for w/e 23 Sept 2016”

Managerialism, Leftism, Scientism, You Name It.

Two or three threads came together this morning. Ongoing debates about European responses to “immigrants”, “anti-semitism” and “islamism” – politically correct to the point of perversion of sense. Insanity. And of course later (lower down) #Chilcot. Where to start? Here a piece by Chris Corrigan posted on Facebook by Johnnie Moore, on managerialism and the … Continue reading “Managerialism, Leftism, Scientism, You Name It.”

Where I Diverge From @PaulMasonNews

Paul Mason’s Postcapitalism is an excellent recipe for enlightened future socio-economic arrangements that recognises the realties of individual freedoms and transactions in times of mass communications and social-media that bypass so much “mediation” by corporate organisations and institutions that have been taken for granted in established economic models. Unfashionably even perversely, but quite correctly, he also … Continue reading “Where I Diverge From @PaulMasonNews”