Tartt’s Secret History

An apt quote, given my current thread on formal logic vs chaotic approach to knowledge, from The Secret History by Donna Tartt (p.28) : I was charmed by his conversation, and despite its illusion of being rather modern and digressive (to me, the hallmark of the modern mind is that it loves to wander from … Continue reading “Tartt’s Secret History”

Chaos & Complexity in Public Organisations

AT LAST – Chaos and Complexity theories reach the public consciousness as issues for management of organisations.BBC Radio 4 Today – Analyst looking at Health Service organisation identifies these issues as blockers to predictable behaviour.Tiny inputs – Large unpredicted outcomes, yes, but equallyEnormous inputs – No predictable outcomes.Relevant message – Buisness rules for information management … Continue reading “Chaos & Complexity in Public Organisations”

The Learning Machine

The Learning Machine ChallengeSpin off from the AI Forum Management Information Systems QuarterlyAcademic & Research Journal on MISIncludes “Qualitative” scope amongst more traditional aspects.Has Mike Myers (Uni of Auckland) on the editorial board.Previously associated with Geoff Walsham (Judge Institute, Cambridge)

Technology is Useless

Remember A.C. Clarke’s 3 stages of reaction to technological breakthroughs: (a) It’s completely impossible.(b) OK, it’s possible, but it’s practically useless.(c) Well, I said it was a good idea all along. And Douglas Adams (Quoting Bran Ferren) – “Technology is the stuff that doesn’t work yet”