Managerialism, Leftism, Scientism, You Name It.

Two or three threads came together this morning. Ongoing debates about European responses to “immigrants”, “anti-semitism” and “islamism” – politically correct to the point of perversion of sense. Insanity. And of course later (lower down) #Chilcot. Where to start? Here a piece by Chris Corrigan posted on Facebook by Johnnie Moore, on managerialism and the … Continue reading “Managerialism, Leftism, Scientism, You Name It.”

John Gray – Master of Puppets

John Gray is one of those philosopher / social commentators that has been dawning on me slowly. Positive mentions since 2008, and that was a link to a “Straw Dogs” post from 2005, and again in 2009 with “Gray’s Anatomy”. Increasingly frequent notices of Guardian pieces picked from social media – including this recent long read … Continue reading “John Gray – Master of Puppets”

Pulling Charlie Together

Amidst the flurry of social media debate around the Charlie Hebdo massacre, I created this set of three more carefully considered posts: #1 There Is No “Right To Offend” Freedoms of expression are protected in law, but the nature of expressed content is not objectively defined as “rights” in law. #2 The Court Jester Defence … Continue reading “Pulling Charlie Together”

Confirmation Bias

I’m often guilty of confirmation bias. I have a particular world-view that favours balance across multi-levelled patterns, over extreme positions at any one level, so being an unfashionable position (in the blogosphere) I often latch onto examples that illustrate points that support my position. I was expecting Kahneman’s best selling “Thinking Fast and Slow” to be … Continue reading “Confirmation Bias”

Paddling Logs

Already the 3rd week of 2010 and I’ve still read only a smattering of the responses to the 2010 Edge Question “How has the internet changed the way you think ?” This George Dyson response is a good one. We used to be kayak builders, collecting all available fragments of information to assemble the framework … Continue reading “Paddling Logs”

Wise Old Fish

Excellent edition of “In Our Time” today, on the subject of the ancient library at Nineveh. Another example of the “enthusiastic scholar” in Karen Radner, but all good contributions. As well as the general Assyrian / Babylonian cultural history, including Gilgamesh and the even older myth of the Great Flood, it was fascinating to hear the … Continue reading “Wise Old Fish”

Religion – The frightening kind.

Struck by this quote about Waziristan (Pakistan, north of Balochistan), the piece includes some scarier Taleban material too. “In North Waziristan, it is religion that overrides all tribal bondages and customs, making it the most conservative region.” The story in neighbouring Balochistan is mainly tribal / local disputes over natural (gas) resources. I recall all … Continue reading “Religion – The frightening kind.”