Pirsig Photos – Part of the Psybertron Pirsig Pages

Prepared by Ian Glendinning , (Psybertron WebLog) (Pirsig Pages)

This is a collection of photos of Pirsig himself. For ZMM route details and locations see Henry Gurr’s and Gary Wegner’s sites for additional photos, including Pirsig's own.

1968 (Monday July 8th) - Below, a colour copy of the most published image of Pirsig with son Chris.

This copy is from Henry Gurr's ZMMQuality site.
(Henry has an extensive collection of pictures - many of which are Pirsig's own. This particular picture is one of three taken on the evening towards the end of Day 1 of the ZMM trip at the picnic stop on Rt13 south of Milnor ND near the Camp Buell historic site marker. You will find links to the three photos and a current street-view on Gary’s Wegner’s Google Maps site.)


1974 - Below, the publicity shot by Brill at the time of ZMM publication

(Link to original source broken - temporarily hopefully
More photos from this set are used on Ant McWatt's site)

1995 - Below, a rare shot by Sijmen Hendriks

(From an excellent album of photographs of philosophers by Sijmen Hendriks,
Pirsig confirms this was taken at the "Einstein Meets Magritte" Conference.)

2005 - Below, a picture by Ian Glendinning

(From a collection taken at the 2005 Liverpool MoQ Conference.)