The Ascent of Man –by Jacob Bronowski

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Review by Ian Glendinning, Posted December 2002, last updated July 2004.
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The Ascent of Man was created as a BBC TV Series in the 1970’s with a book published to accompany the series. The material and its delivery were part of my formative experiences as far as my attitude to natural science and technology and, with hindsight, to arts and morals. I hope to place a review here to provide context and references for some of the ideas expressed.

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Back in 2002, when also reviewing Pinker’s “Blank Slate”, I made this specific reference to the formative moment – [QUOTE] If I’m being honest, this passionate contrast of awe at the heights of science fact, with despair at the depths of human depravity is exactly the emotion that gripped me with Bronowski grasping his handful of earth at the gates of Auschwitz. [UNQUOTE]

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