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If you don't know who I am, it might help if you did. On the other hand, it may just be vanity publishing.
This site is run by Ian Glendinning. In general you can communicate via the feedback links in the Blog. If you wish to communicate directly, e-mail me at the address below (Last update Oct 2011).

ian [dot] glendinning [at] gmail [dot] com

(I am NOT however the Ian Glendinning of High Performance Parallel Computing fame. Click here to be re-directed.)

Below are a few details you may be interested to know about me.

Contact still valid.
(Old lo-tech page from 2001 preserved for sentimental reasons
but for all later bio-profile data see latest blog & social media.)

Then ....
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.... and, Now

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Ian Glendinning (contact as above)


Guisborough, UK


Married with two grown boys.



Place of Birth

Barrow-in-Furness, UK

Date of Birth

25th February 1956


Guisborough Grammar School (1967-72)
Prior Pursglove College, Guisborough (1972-74) (Class of 1972 / 1974 site.)
Imperial College, London (1974-77)
IC (Tanaka) Business Management School, London (pt 1989-91)

& Awards

BSc(Eng) Hons, ACGI, Aeronautical (1977)
CEng, MIMechE, MWeldI (1983)
MBA, DIC, Innovation, Change & Culture (1991) (Dissertation)

Employment Experience

Over 30 years an engineer, project-manager and line-manager of up to 120 staff, of which:
2 years in aircraft dynamics analysis and testing,
18 years in energy industry process plants, technology selection, pressure systems design, fabrication, construction, and pre-commissioning handover.
12 years in information systems analysis, development and implementation.


Summer 1975 French Kier - ICI Teeside PTA Plant Cooling tower construction.
Summer 1976 BAe / BAC - Warton - Prototype "Tornado" testing and re-configuration.
1977 to 1078 BAe / Hawkers - Kingston - "Harrier & Hawk" dynamics, analogue, digital and testing, including first Harrier "ski-jump" take-offs.
Sep 1978 to 2000 Foster Wheeler - Process plants engineering, Reading, UK.
Jan 2001 to 2005 CADCENTRE / AVEVA - Software & services, Cambridge, UK.
Jan 2005 to 2008 INTERGRAPH - Software & services, Perth, WA & Huntsville, AL.
Oct 2008 to 2010 DNV - Information Risk Management via standard web reference data architecture-based services, Oslo, Norway.

May 2010 to Present GlencoIS – Reference-Data-Based Interoperability Services, Guisborough, UK


Football (soccer) - variously Jack Charlton's Middlesbrough, Harry Basset's Wimbledon, Glen Hoddle's Swindon, and more recently Reading FC season ticket-holder and STAR supporter's trust founder member. Also Woodley Saints' Boys football manager 1991/98, including FA coaching certificate.

Sailing - 1980 Shetland (Enterprise), 1999 Turkey (Lasers), 2000 & 2002 Greece (Lasers), 2001/2 Grenada (Laser 3000), 2002/3/4 Burghfield (Buzz), 2009 Ionian Flotilla.

Professional Engineering
Institution of Mechanical Engineers - Member continuously since 1982.
Welding Institute - 1983 - 1996 Thames Valley committee, chair, secretary, programme secretary, active member, now lapsed.

Knowledge Modelling - 2001 onwards, a personal project researching and understanding information from a human organisational decision support view. (See Psybertron Blog) (Presented papers on web standard Reference Data Architecture information models in the energy engineering business since 1996, at industry conferences in UK, Netherlands, Norway, USA & Finland, and on pragmatic "Quality", see Pirsig Pages)

Let's Get Personal

[This didn't start off as a personal home pages project, but it looks like I'll have to get that side of things organised sometime soon ... maybe one day.]

Link to personal / family pages. (HOLD - under construction one day.)

Link to music pages and photo gallery. (Old and new tech mixture of subjects - really must get organized one day.)

Link to other heroes and formative personal highlights. (HOLD - re-building some day.)

You’ll also find me easy to connect to on WordPress, FaceBook, LinkedIn, FriendsReunited, Twitter, Buzz, GooglePlus, Diaspora and several other fora. (My personal blog feed routes to Twitter, with selected posts also going to my FaceBook and LinkedIn feeds.)

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