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Glossaries, Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Caveat : The meaning of words (or any communications) are a central theme here.
If this glossary could be clear and unambiguous, it would not need to exist.

"It often does more harm than good to force definitions on things we don't understand. Only in logic and mathematics do definitions ever capture concepts perfectly. The things we deal with in practical life are usually too complicated to be represented by neat, compact expressions. Especially when it comes to understanding minds, we still know so little that we can't be sure our ideas about psychology are even aimed in the right directions. One must not mistake defining things for knowing what they are." 
Marvin Minsky - The Society of Mind - 1985. Ref Alberta Uni Cog-Sci Dictionary.

You have been warned.

General Dictionaries
WordNet / XRefer / OneLook link to other on-line dictionaries inc Merriam-Webster.

OneLook® >>

Ian's Glossary of Semantics related terms.
Growing collection of definitions selected for the context of this research exercise.

Cybernetics Dictionaries
The Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems, from Principia Cybernetica.

Philosophy Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
Chrucky's Meta-Encyclopedia of Philosophy - crawler, looks up other dictionaries.
Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
Part of Philosophy Pages by Garth Kemerling. (Includes many other links.)
Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind
, a Washington Uni. St Louis site by Chris Eliasmith.
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy by James Fieser of Uni. of Tennessee.
Krech's Bio-Bibliographical Directory on culture of science and the humanities.

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