Writing Progress

I’ve claimed to be “in writing mode” once or twice recently, but got stalled by the “strained conversation” post – a car crash that proved fascinating (and it’s not over yet). Fascinating because the advancement of reason and knowledge (in the widest sense) is the point of everything I do and dialogue is pretty fundamental … Continue reading “Writing Progress”

We Can Be Heroes 2022

Unrelated, but I just watched two unplanned programs the last couple of days. Netflix had Lawrence of Arabia available, and it turned out to be the full 4.5 hour long director’s cut, complete with blank screen audio overture and intermission. The film that impressed me as a small schoolboy aged 6 back in 1962. Everything … Continue reading “We Can Be Heroes 2022”

Strained Conversation

Opening Gambit [Links being added] [Q (21 Aug)]: “I understand that you have a professional engineering background and a strong interest in systems theory …  If you would like to discuss this very important topic one on one I would be interested.” [A (22 Aug)]: “Sure, I most recently I summarised my interest here (18 … Continue reading “Strained Conversation”

Evolved System Interfaces

“Every surgeon knows the quality of evolved functionality comes with lousy interfaces” (Street in NYC. Hat tip <somebody> on Linked In) (Hat tip the following tweet.) Ha, reminds me of this quote I highlighted back in 2006: “Every surgeon knows the quality of evolved functionality comes with lousy interfaces”https://t.co/8OkZFnVhnW — Ian Glendinning (@psybertron) August 29, … Continue reading “Evolved System Interfaces”

Stop Reading? – You Gotta Be Kidding

I’ve declared I’m in “Just Write Something” mode and am avoiding reading wherever I can until I’ve broken the back of the writing projects. Still, I keep adding new references to my book list, and people commenting on what I’ve said or written often share some other paper or video link “have you seen this?” … Continue reading “Stop Reading? – You Gotta Be Kidding”

Digression Back to the Same Points?

An old quote, given my threads on formal logic vs chaotic approach to knowledge, from The Secret History by Donna Tartt (p.28) : I was charmed by his conversation, and despite its illusion of being rather modern and digressive (to me, the hallmark of the modern mind is that it loves to wander from the … Continue reading “Digression Back to the Same Points?”

The Information Philosopher

My own metaphysics is information-based and I know I’ve made a link or two to “The Information Philosopher” site before. I didn’t know any more about the “Bob Doyle” who curates the site in terms of his own philosophical thinking (*), BUT … … as a resource of collected links, people and publications it is mind-bogglingly … Continue reading “The Information Philosopher”

Staring Into Nothing?

Staring Into Nothing is the name of a new musical / rock-opera created by a band of that same name. So new, it’s having its premiere at the El Portal theatre in LA on 7th October. Significant here because the band’s name and origins, as well as the theme of their latest musical “Quality – … Continue reading “Staring Into Nothing?”

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