The Beach Debacle

[Currently still in Draft] A bit of pre-amble since I expect this post may attract a few new visitors. An “event” happened Sept / Oct 2021. Something killed-off a large number of crustaceans of the Tees Mouth coast, maybe even more widely. Whatever killed them off it has had a consequential effect on livelihoods of … Continue reading “The Beach Debacle”

LLM’s – Note to Self

I’m pretty critical / sceptical at current attempts at AI / AGI and the jargon  around LLM’s (Large Language Models). So without any particular expertise in the current developments (GPT-4 et al) I needed to check out some details: They’re “Large” in so far as they (arbitrarily) have “Billions” of elements. They’re “Language” in so … Continue reading “LLM’s – Note to Self”

Dave Snowden and Mike Jackson

I saw the excellent Dave Snowden speaking at the Annual Mike Jackson lecture at Hull University yesterday evening. Excellent in every way – Dave’s presentation and his conversation with Mike. All except for the absence of audience questions and discussion, that is, which meant I came away frustrated with my ‘bated list of questions and … Continue reading “Dave Snowden and Mike Jackson”

Received Wisdom

A thread starter: One recurring theme of mine is stuff that looks like conspiracy to conspiracy theorists – the coast guy, anyone – is a symptom of having no model or accepted language to account for a felt problem. With the received wisdom of western, objective (scientific) rationality in the dominant culture – feelings don’t … Continue reading “Received Wisdom”

Fundamental Information & Computation

I’ve often noted that I hold an information monism – its processing & communication – to be underlying both the physical and the mental. In fact as recently as my previous post, I include it in a summary of my position linking information & entropy with systems & cybernetics. My “What, Why and How do … Continue reading “Fundamental Information & Computation”

What Am I Thinking?

Thinking about an upcoming dialogue, I thought I’d compose a brief outline of what I’m about in 2023. A conversation starter. I’m doing “Systems Thinking”. For 20+ years, I would have called it “Cybernetics” by which I mean the original sense of the term – how humans as living things decide and govern ourselves for … Continue reading “What Am I Thinking?”

Active Inference Entrepreneurship

The hype around the Free Energy Principle and Active Inference is mushrooming at an amazing rate. This paper … : Designing Ecosystems of Intelligence from First Principles Karl J Friston, Maxwell J D Ramstead, et al (2 Dec 2022) … has several co-authors associates with VERSES as well as AII and (Wellcome Foundation & UCL). The … Continue reading “Active Inference Entrepreneurship”

The McGilchrist Manoeuvre

Introductory dialogue in a series (of 6?) Series title: “Attention as a Moral Act” (Upcoming 2nd one on “Valueception”.) McGilchrist Objective? – the opening para of the Intro to TMWT says it. [Quote to be added] Polymathic? – Trivium – interest from childhood and Winchester school. Sacred connection? – from a godless household discovered theological … Continue reading “The McGilchrist Manoeuvre”

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