Welcome Back to the Fray, Alice

Yesterday, Alice Dreger who (literally) wrote the book on “gender” issues, took a break from her local journalism-publishing day-job to post a thread. Earlier, I’d tagged her into a thread where Helen Joyce had quoted her in her own article. More on that later, but first Alice’s thread: Feels like a good day to reiterate: … Continue reading “Welcome Back to the Fray, Alice”

Strawson’s Silliness

Confused myself a couple of times over Galen Strawson, but had pigeon-holed him as one of the bad guys, contrarian for the sake of it, even though he takes an enlightened view on panpsyschic possibilities which I’d failed to notice for a while. One of the “random bookmarks” I’d left dangling recently was to his … Continue reading “Strawson’s Silliness”

Bogdanov – Catching-Up with Paul Mason

Mentioned in the recent Bogdanov post having missed the references in Paul Mason’s PostCapitalism, which was a little embarrassing given how thoroughly and positively I’d read and reviewed it. So, this afternoon, I re-read all the Bogdanov references in PostCapitalism. Strangely I did recognise all of it. The thought experiment of the “Martian” Marxism in … Continue reading “Bogdanov – Catching-Up with Paul Mason”

Systems Engineering / Systems Thinking

I’ve mentioned many times the morphing definition & understanding of my own Psybertron agenda. Cybernetics in a word. Cybernetics as in governance – kybernetes– human systems of organisation, systems which include all the processes of collective decision-making and action, involving understanding and application of all aspects of knowledge, resources and power – the art of … Continue reading “Systems Engineering / Systems Thinking”

Taliban and Ahmed Rashid

I’m still drafting a long-read piece that involves the current Afghan situation as topical from a misogyny perspective in my Good Fences metaphor (all will hopefully become clear). Anyway, so topical that it concerns much online media traffic at the moment, even though I’ve not blogged anything specific. With Rory Stewart being so prominent amongst … Continue reading “Taliban and Ahmed Rashid”


Mentioned being impressed with Carlo Rovelli’s references in Helgoland to Aleksander Bogdanov. I considered Bogdanov an entirely new source to me just earlier this year. [Holding post – collecting links etc.] I’ve also mentioned previously, as a “social-democratic liberal” type myself, being very impressed with (Marxist) Paul Mason’s “Project Zero” in his Post Capitalism. What … Continue reading “Bogdanov”

And Another Round in the “TERF-War”

Just when I thought sense was starting to prevail, another round pulls me back in. Simon Callow (treasured luvvie thespian, gay icon, and erstwhile Stonewall activist) expressed the opinion that Stonewall’s current tactics were counter-productive to actual Trans rights as well as counter to LGB interests. He may even have mentioned women? Prompted partly of … Continue reading “And Another Round in the “TERF-War””

Random Bookmarks

Shutting down an excess of browser windows and need to keep some as bookmarks: A few on Foucault – his association with “Queer Theory” means his name is mud amongst GC-Feminists, but don’t want to throw the PoMo baby out with the bathwater (his linguistic metaphysics works for me): Foucault Beyond Good and Evil in … Continue reading “Random Bookmarks”