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And – brilliant! – after bringing everything up to Picasa format – that’s no longer supported. Going to need to move all pics across to Google Photos or similar. Until then these links are pretty much dead.

2010 Onwards General
(Picasa – Rio, Brisbane / Queensland, Lunar Eclipse, Aransas, Barcelona, etc …)

GGS72PPC74 Reunions & Misc
(Picasa – 2010 New and 2002 & Older updated.)

US Locations Generally
US Mid-West & Western Road Trip
Non-US Locations
(B*Gallery – 2006 to 2009)
(Many missing – Graduations, Whitby, Utah / California, Norway and more.)

Prior Pursglove College / Guisborough Grammar 2002 Reunion
(See updated GGS72PPC74 link above.)

Liverpool 2005 Pirsig Conference
(WordPress & Lo-Tech HTML)

Personal and Musical Gallery 2002 and earlier.
(Lo-Tech HTML, some scanned hard-copy as well as electronic photos.)

3 thoughts on “Gallery”

  1. Saw the photo’s of Jackie at the Golden Lion. In the top photo’s, the drummer is actually Terry Short (not to be confused with Gregg Terry-Short!). Terry was the drummer for the band Powerpack that used to be the “house” band at the Bridge House Canning town in the late 60’s early 70’s.
    Terry was blind in one eye. He was a tremendous drummer. I wonder if Jackie could shed a little light on that for us?

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