BlogRolled Over

As a blogger since blogging was invented, I’ve maintained the idea of a blogroll in the side-bar – linking to other bloggers and sources of news and input I read and recommend.

It’s long been redundant since all sources provide feeds not just through RSS but primarily via micro-blog channels – aka social media – Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. For me, with a very few exceptions, my blogroll is my Twitter “following” feed. And, many of those more recent channels are  not reflected at all in the blogroll anyway.

Being redundant, much of the current blogroll content is also redundant with many dead links, long overdue for retirement. So as I delete it from the blog theme format, I’m going to preserve the old (many dead) links to posterity below:




And now, I can delete from the side-bar menu, and rebuild at leisure.

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