Inconstancy (aka Hypocrisy)

Finn Karsten posted in Channel McGilchrist highlighting a post he’s written. (It’s their first and only blog post – I don’t know any more about the author – search reveals it’s quite a common name.) Who Are We : Inconstancy Woke or anti-Woke – as I always say – “a pox on both their houses“. … Continue reading “Inconstancy (aka Hypocrisy)”

Reducing Gender Critical / Radical Feminist Follows

Since initially getting interested in the “TERF Wars” reading Alice Dreger, back here in 2015 (before Maya Forstater and J. K. Rowling, before “TERF” itself even) the number of GC/RadFem supporter follows in my Twitter timeline has snowballed to effectively drown-out most other areas of interest. Ironically those with whom real engagement is needed the … Continue reading “Reducing Gender Critical / Radical Feminist Follows”

Schlick and the Vienna Circle

As promised when I finished Misak’s wonderful biography of Frank Ramsey, I’m now reading David Edmonds “The Murder of Professor Schlick – The Rise and Fall of the Vienna Circle“. Most interesting chapter so far concerns the different factions of Jews and anti-semites in Vienna as we approach the 1930’s – and the consequences for … Continue reading “Schlick and the Vienna Circle”

Gender Dysphoria and Trans-Activism

This is my third piece in a month on these topics, and I’m still adding footnotes here, though my written interest goes back four years to Alice Dreger and her “Galileo’s Middle Finger”. It’s highly recommended as an introduction to the politically-motivated disfigurement of a very complex technical and cultural topic with serious consequences for … Continue reading “Gender Dysphoria and Trans-Activism”

More Heat Than Light

Little did I know when I made a passing reference to the Beard vs Taleb spat on Twitter in my previous post (the one before that actually) that it would turn into a full international incident. Nassim Nicholas Taleb holding-up Mary Beard – and her baying mob of PC-supporters – as all that is wrong with … Continue reading “More Heat Than Light”

Race for Science @tiffanyjenkins @LKrauss1

Tiffany Jenkins writing in The Scotsman reviews the Edinburgh Fringe production of “HeLa“ by IronOxide. The controversy looks set to fester long after the Festival, with developments in genetic research and Opera Winfrey and HBO making a movie of Lack’s life story. The dominant narrative is of a poor black woman who was exploited by science, … Continue reading “Race for Science @tiffanyjenkins @LKrauss1”

Conspiracy Theory Crap

It’s difficult enough trying to find balanced scepticism when it comes to anthropogenic global warming claims, but this stuff takes the biscuit. [via email from someone who should know better] Contrails from aircraft vapour are indeed an indication that air travel dumps a lot of low grade heat, CO2 and water vapour into our atmospheric … Continue reading “Conspiracy Theory Crap”

Financial Complexity

Financial markets, their regulation and the politics around them are so complex, that changes of regulatory input produce practically indeterminate, unpredictable outcomes. The most complex system of systems that humans have ever engineered. More misguided regulation can make the system more fragile, not less. Less is in fact more. More local failures – bonfires – … Continue reading “Financial Complexity”

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