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Andy Martin has written another great piece for The Independent. Topical – as in Piers Morgan and the usual opinionated #Celebs / #Trump / #Brexit / #Corbyn bollocks that fills all our bandwidth – but spot on with the underlying subtlety of what is really going on. We’ve lost perspective of real truth, we’ve got […]

Had almost a two week blogging hiatus, despite being very active all over social media – some idiot called Trump/Brexit/Corbyn? And indeed reading books as well as on-line reads, but all very fragmented with no effort into linking and synthesising. It’s fixing the idiocy – received wisdom – that really interests me. Still can’t find […]

I’m mid-reading on several avenues at once right now. After having read the first two of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher collection, Killing Floor (1997) and Die Trying (1998), I went on to start Umberto Eco’s The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana (2004) I need an intellectual fix after Child’s drivel. Well crafted drivel, selling 100,000,000 copies and counting, […]

Link-rot used to be a big problem for early web-loggers, but since everyone (inc mainstream media) started used standard blogging and micro-blogging CMS and storage of content became practically free, most web content sticks once it’s posted. Permalinks usually are. Problems do still arise: Having reviewed / recommended Andy Martin’s writing over the years, my […]

I’ve been a fan of Andy Martin’s writing for several years. I also loved his little advertising film recruiting for his home department of modern languages at Cambridge. Here a selection of previous reviews: [Camus / Sartre Fight Club] [Surfing 9/11 USA] [No Students Were Harmed] [Cosmic Man] [Logic as Autism] [And more …] However, […]

Just a quickie riff. Whether is gender differences – male vs female cognitive difference anyone? – or race, or religion or whatever … 1950s Superman says don’t vote for Trump — Cory Doctorow (@doctorow) October 27, 2016 Difference matters. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that “significant differerence” is THE fundamental […]

I mentioned noting that one of Rebecca Goldstein’s earlier works was Incompleteness – the Proof and Paradox of Kurt Gödel. Since Gödel is an existing interest of mine, and Goldstein’s writing has never let me down yet, it was a no-brainer to obtain a copy. (I’ve since also obtained a copy of her fiction The Mind-Body Problem – […]

Foggie Froggies Camus & Sartre, JFK / Lee Harvey Oswald / Fair Play for Cuba consipracy theories and Hoover / FBI / US Gov surveillance, McCarthyism Communist plot, the lot. The Prospect Article, The Andy Martin Link, The Hoover FBI Letter [Hat Tip to Andy Martin – the Camus / Sartre connection.]