Hypocrisy – In Bad Faith

Hypocrisy has been a formal topic of mine since my late-1980’s / early-90’s days (Brunsson, Argyris, Action Theory, et al). Great Point of View “On Hypocrisy” by Will Self this morning, pointing out two key things. (1) Hypocrisy is an essential / inevitable / necessary part of social order in a functioning civilised society, but … Continue reading “Hypocrisy – In Bad Faith”

Action Research Reloaded

Been reading a fascinating 2015 paper co-authored by @DrSarahEaton and shared recently on Twitter. PROFESSIONAL COLLABORATION AS RESPONSIVE PEDAGOGY Fascinating for me on two levels. Firstly in seeing that the Argyris “double-loop” learning process (aka Action Research), which I explored in my late-1980’s Master’s, has been taken up and evolved in many creative learning contexts … Continue reading “Action Research Reloaded”

Thinking Matter

I’m a fan of Andy Martin – his books and his blog. Though he blogs infrequently, he has two posts in June that I only spotted accidentally today. One, a reminder that I’ve still not yet read Waiting for Bardot, whereas it is soon to be released as a film. Two, however, the piece that … Continue reading “Thinking Matter”

There’s a name for it @DavidGurteen

Remote working is all well and good, but as I’ve always said, unless the work is trivially straightforward, you need a pre-established good working relationship with the team; those you need to collaborate with remotely. And you need to top up that relationship, get re-aligned, back on the same page, etc with regular periodic face-to-face … Continue reading “There’s a name for it @DavidGurteen”

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