Baggini’s Truthful Traits

Before getting into Laland’s daunting read (previous post), I broke off to read a little gem from Julian Baggini. “A Short History of Truth” is 15000 words over 100 entertaining and readable pages. It is indeed a brief history of western philosophical ideas of truth topically related to the everyday frustrations we’ve come to know … Continue reading “Baggini’s Truthful Traits”

Pirsig Interviewed by Baggini

[Note – Local copies of linked articles re-instated.] Julian Baggini, editor of TPM – “The Philosopher Magazine” and goto philosopher of British media, has interviewed Robert Pirsig about his Metaphysics of Quality (MoQ), via e-mail rather than face-to-face, and placed the entire transcript [local copy] as well as his own article “Zen and the Art of … Continue reading “Pirsig Interviewed by Baggini”

Minority Groups, Women and Julian Baggini

Minority Groups, Women and Julian Baggini – Julian Baggini writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education [via NIBBS] on the Philosophy, Science and Humanities triangle as perceived on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Some interesting points actually, though personally I have trouble with Julian’s style.

Philip Goff Round Up

Two things happened last week that made it essential I pick-up my Philip Goff thread. Firstly there were a number of on-line philosophers – who should know better – reacting to Goff’s taboo-breaking promotion of pan-psychicism. Pigliucci, Churchland, Baggini, etc, (all people I otherwise respect) and more to the point their on-line hangers on, got … Continue reading “Philip Goff Round Up”

Goff’s Radical Dennett?

I’m reading Philip Goff’s “Galileo’s Error” as mentioned previously. As usual before reading the main content, I read all the intros and the end notes / bibliography / index / refs to see who’s work is mentioned, though I can never know whether positively or negatively at this point. My favourite check is whether the … Continue reading “Goff’s Radical Dennett?”


I’m coining a new word for the abstract noun “humanity” but with a definition simply broadened to the whole environment with humans as a part. Cosmicity – concern for and on behalf of the whole and every part of the whole. Places humans in it in our rightful place but without any artificial privilege in … Continue reading ““Cosmicity””

Zen and the Art of Philosophy

A review of: “How The World Thinks – A Global History of Philosophy” by Julian Baggini All my reviews are done in the context of my own philosophical journey and often, like this one, a review done very early on in the reading, so that my own prejudices are laid bare for later analysis and … Continue reading “Zen and the Art of Philosophy”

Street Epistemology Update

Dave Harding posted on a recent Magnabosco filmed SE session. (Update in the sense that I posted on these earlier examples 3 years or so ago.) These are rough notes in preparation for a dialogue. SE = Street Epistemology SM = Socratic (Questioning) Methodology Interesting that David concludes this subject actually questions him back, as I … Continue reading “Street Epistemology Update”