Baggini – The Great Guide

Started reading Julian Baggini’s latest on David Hume as “The Great Guide” for our times and have already completed the intro and first chapter without yet taking any notes, so just some pre-review thoughts for now. Front / end / blurbs / etc: Nagging issue for me is no mention of Simon Blackburn anywhere, is … Continue reading “Baggini – The Great Guide”

Baggini’s Truthful Traits

Before getting into Laland’s daunting read (previous post), I broke off to read a little gem from Julian Baggini. “A Short History of Truth” is 15000 words over 100 entertaining and readable pages. It is indeed a brief history of western philosophical ideas of truth topically related to the everyday frustrations we’ve come to know … Continue reading “Baggini’s Truthful Traits”

Pirsig Interviewed by Baggini

[Note – Local copies of linked articles re-instated.] Julian Baggini, editor of TPM – “The Philosopher Magazine” and goto philosopher of British media, has interviewed Robert Pirsig about his Metaphysics of Quality (MoQ), via e-mail rather than face-to-face, and placed the entire transcript [local copy] as well as his own article “Zen and the Art of … Continue reading “Pirsig Interviewed by Baggini”

Minority Groups, Women and Julian Baggini

Minority Groups, Women and Julian Baggini – Julian Baggini writing in the Chronicle of Higher Education [via NIBBS] on the Philosophy, Science and Humanities triangle as perceived on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Some interesting points actually, though personally I have trouble with Julian’s style.

HTLGI2022@Hay – Mostly Meta

Just a quick diary of my 4 days at the IAI “How the Light Gets In” festival in Hay-on-Wye 2 to 5 June 2022, from a logistical & meta perspective first, before I get down to any people and significant content. Being also the Jubilee holiday, the main car-park in Hay was free so I … Continue reading “HTLGI2022@Hay – Mostly Meta”

Ananthropocentric Purposivism

Tim Mulgan’s view he calls “ananthropocentric purposivism” (AP). AP is the view that, contra atheism, the universe has a purpose, but, contra benevolent theism (BT), that purpose is non-human-centred. Put simply, there is a cosmic purpose, but humans are irrelevant to that purpose. Made me laugh. I have a holding post on the special position- … Continue reading “Ananthropocentric Purposivism”

Link Dump

A new overload of bookmarked pages to capture. Life remains complicated for reading and writing for domestic and work reasons, so I’ll dump most here without reading or reviewing in detail for now. Resources for later. Philip Goff on this old chestnut … Hacking, White and McGrath all referenced (but not Anthropics …) ‘Is the … Continue reading “Link Dump”

Philip Goff Round Up

Two things happened last week that made it essential I pick-up my Philip Goff thread. Firstly there were a number of on-line philosophers – who should know better – reacting to Goff’s taboo-breaking promotion of pan-psychicism. Pigliucci, Churchland, Baggini, etc, (all people I otherwise respect) and more to the point their on-line hangers on, got … Continue reading “Philip Goff Round Up”

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