Hypocrisy – In Bad Faith

Hypocrisy has been a formal topic of mine since my late-1980’s / early-90’s days (Brunsson, Argyris, Action Theory, et al). Great Point of View “On Hypocrisy” by Will Self this morning, pointing out two key things. (1) Hypocrisy is an essential / inevitable / necessary part of social order in a functioning civilised society, but … Continue reading “Hypocrisy – In Bad Faith”

Managing by Measurement

All good adages exist with their exact opposites, and like any good rules – especially conflicting ones – understanding where and how to apply them is the real knowledge. Knowing the rules is the easy bit. Hypocrisy – handling conflicting ideas effectively – is an undervalued skill. Management Science would suggest: “What you can’t measure, … Continue reading “Managing by Measurement”

It’s Irrational to be Too Rational

A significant part of my agenda is that what passes for received wisdom as “western rationality” is in fact degenerately irrational, damaging to humanity and the planet and as such, that received wisdom is a kind of collective “mental illness” of society. (The way we communicate and share truths and arguments is co-evolved with that … Continue reading “It’s Irrational to be Too Rational”

Without Hypocrisy All is Tautology

Andy Martin has written another great piece for The Independent. Topical – as in Piers Morgan and the usual opinionated #Celebs / #Trump / #Brexit / #Corbyn bollocks that fills all our bandwidth – but spot on with the underlying subtlety of what is really going on. We’ve lost perspective of real truth, we’ve got … Continue reading “Without Hypocrisy All is Tautology”

Comprehensively paradoxical Gödel – Rebecca Goldstein

I mentioned noting that one of Rebecca Goldstein’s earlier works was Incompleteness – the Proof and Paradox of Kurt Gödel. Since Gödel is an existing interest of mine, and Goldstein’s writing has never let me down yet, it was a no-brainer to obtain a copy. (I’ve since also obtained a copy of her fiction The Mind-Body Problem – … Continue reading “Comprehensively paradoxical Gödel – Rebecca Goldstein”

Dual People

I need to finish off my notes on Daniel Kahneman’s “Thinking Fast and Slow” since I posted some criticisms before I’d read the concluding chapters. Strange to read the explicit dualisms: Two systems – Fast intuitive thinking and Slow considered thinking. Two species – Humans (reasonable) and Econs  (entirely rational). Two selves – Experiencing self … Continue reading “Dual People”