The Denial of Dennett’s Consciousness

[I’ve now reviewed this thread in reasonable detail and have some additional conclusions:] The Consciousness Deniers 13 March 218 – Galen Strawson Magic, Illusions, and Zombies Rebuttal – Undated – Dan Dennett With Reply 3 April 2018 – Galen Strawson I recall seeing the original consciousness deniers piece by Strawson, but not really taking it … Continue reading “The Denial of Dennett’s Consciousness”

Dennett – Don’t Mention the Memes

Recent (26 Jan 2018) talk by Dan Dennett recorded in Warsaw and published by Polish Rationalists on the topic of his most recent “From Bacteria to Bach and Back” (B2BnB) book on the evolution of intelligent consciousness. I’ve written and talked much about B2BnB so not a great deal “new” in the presentation – and … Continue reading “Dennett – Don’t Mention the Memes”

Dennett and the “Little People” #3

Below is the David Hamill piece from the Free Thought Prophet blog that triggered the two … previous … posts as well as a lot of comments and tweets. Most of my earlier thoughts concerned the Jerry Coyne post given as a reference and the linked Dan Dennett Big Think video. In addition to that, … Continue reading “Dennett and the “Little People” #3″

Dennett and the “Little People” – Round#2

Recasting the arguments from the previous post, it’s comments – and a twitter thread of disagreements. How this started: Public tweet – FTP – recommending “Brother Hamill’s great blog”. Public response – Me – a two word response “[great, but] wrong, though”. All arguments / debates start with a gap or a point of contention. … Continue reading “Dennett and the “Little People” – Round#2”

Dennett and the “Little People”

I came across a twitter thread of Free Thought Prophet (FTP, otherwise anon) recommending a blog post by John Hamill (Atheist Ireland National Committee) about Dennett’s position on free-will. FTP I know as a knockabout humorous commentator in the space occupied by the four horsemen. As a rationalist, atheist, humanist myself, “free-thought” is the traditional tag … Continue reading “Dennett and the “Little People””

Closing Out Recent Dennett Links

Mentioned bookmarking amid the chaos a couple of posts ago and I still have two three Dennett bookmarks unreviewed. Hell yeah! I thought when I saw the Prospect link with this in the title … “The electronic age has triggered epistemological chaos” … and bookmarked the piece for a longer read later. I needn’t have … Continue reading “Closing Out Recent Dennett Links”

Mornington Crescent with Ian Stewart, Doug Hofstadter and Dan Dennett

Just had a weird reading-linked-articles (Tennis-Elbow-Foot / Cow-Lake-Bomb / Rock-Paper-Scissors) experience: Ian Stewart is a popular maths writer I’ve enjoyed, but probably barely referenced here other than as the author of “Does God Play Dice? – The Mathematics of Chaos“. I was also aware that the “non-game” Finchley Central was a forerunner to ISIHAC‘s Mornington Crescent, … Continue reading “Mornington Crescent with Ian Stewart, Doug Hofstadter and Dan Dennett”

Dennett – Does He or Doesn’t He?

Is he a scientist or is he a philosopher? He’s a philosopher. His contributions to science (and anything else) are philosophical. He’s learned a great deal from science and is very pro-science. Some, but not so many, scientists appreciate philosophical input or explicitly concern themselves with the philosophical underpinnings of their subject. Is he a “four … Continue reading “Dennett – Does He or Doesn’t He?”