Maslow, Pirsig and Foucault Catch-up

Was prompted to revisit a couple of older posts on Abraham Maslow after someone asked me to explain a reference this morning. The one I shared was this one: “Motivation 3.0 – Pink Does Maslow“. Then I noticed one of my earliest Maslow posts was way back in 2002 “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” and that … Continue reading “Maslow, Pirsig and Foucault Catch-up”

Pirsig meets Foucault and more besides.

The death of Robert Pirsig last month triggered a good deal of new correspondence on his work, his Metaphysics of Quality as well as his novels, “ZMM” and “Lila“. My own summary of his MoQ, or more correctly the world-view implied by his metaphysics, I have previously presented here: I’ve expressed my (limited) appreciation of … Continue reading “Pirsig meets Foucault and more besides.”

Foucaultian Wicker Man ?

Another fine spot by Jorn at Robot Wisdom. “The Wicker Man” is an almost forgotten film that made an impression on me, though I never analysed why then, an awful long time ago. This review by philosophical writer Robert Farrow weaves an analysis of Foucault’s ideas (and others) into a synopsis of the plot. No … Continue reading “Foucaultian Wicker Man ?”

Foucault meets Moby Dick

Almost finished Foucault’s The Order of Things. The powerful chapter on Labour, Life and Language attempts to build fundamental levels of existence based on processes of creation and change (as opposed to being and exchange) in contrast to models based on taxonomies of representation. Labour – Ricardo building fundamental value on Adam Smith, arriving at … Continue reading “Foucault meets Moby Dick”

Foucault’s Semantic Web

Reading Michel Foucault’s “The Order of Things” (1966) first published in English in 1970, and came across his reference to “The Semantic Web”. Seems this is the origin of the expression ? A good read so far, about history and culture of language in classifying things. Interestingly in French the title is “Les Mots et … Continue reading “Foucault’s Semantic Web”

The Mid-Brain Decision Triangle

Still working my way slowly through Mark Solms Hidden Spring, and barely half-way through, in Chapter 6 we have the seat, source or well-spring of consciousness, signified by his title. (We really need one good anatomical brain map on which to project so many different writers’ resources – I mentioned before – every one published … Continue reading “The Mid-Brain Decision Triangle”

Random Bookmarks

Shutting down an excess of browser windows and need to keep some as bookmarks: A few on Foucault – his association with “Queer Theory” means his name is mud amongst GC-Feminists, but don’t want to throw the PoMo baby out with the bathwater (his linguistic metaphysics works for me): Foucault Beyond Good and Evil in … Continue reading “Random Bookmarks”

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