Our addiction to “Weary Rationale” @FrankieBoyle

Hat tip to @SamiraShackle for drawing my attention to @FrankieBoyle’s Comment is Free piece in the Grauniad. The theme and conclusion is telegraphed in the title, but the content is explicitly about the seemingly deranged rationale of supporting vaguely motivated bombing in Syria but resisting direct support for Syrian refugees. It’s a very intelligent read, … Continue reading “Our addiction to “Weary Rationale” @FrankieBoyle”

Calling Out Celebrity Supporters of Gender Self-ID

[This piece extended in many footnotes below the line since original publication.] The cast of blue-tick players is: @glinner – Graham Linehan (since banned from Twitter) – vs – @frankieboyle – Frankie Boyle @billybragg – Billy Bragg @OwenJones84 – Owen Jones The recent round started with this Tweet, for which Glinner has got a fair … Continue reading “Calling Out Celebrity Supporters of Gender Self-ID”

The Problem is the Unmoderated Pace of Social Media

There are lots of problems with social media, blamed for so much fake news and the like, undermining everyday politics one way or another. I’ve been warning about parts of the problem for almost two decades, as a memetic phenomenon, and in the last couple of years – aside from the explicitly political commentaries – … Continue reading “The Problem is the Unmoderated Pace of Social Media”

The Boris Burqa Brouhaha

I feel the need to comment on the recent Boris bollox since it conflates several topics I’ve written about at length before. This tweet from @Whoozley sets the agenda fair enough: 1 Banning niqab/burqa or attacking people who wear it is wrong 2 Everyone has right to wear what they choose 3 …”choose” in context … Continue reading “The Boris Burqa Brouhaha”

The Court Jester

There are many posts here describing and using the idea of “The Court Jester” when it come to rules of attempted rhetorical humour. Charlie Hebdo was probably the highest profile example, and #dankula the Scottish comedian convicted without any prior complaint(!) for an offensive video joke the most recent, but it’s a general question of … Continue reading “The Court Jester”

Context for Humour – The Memes Matter

I have a string to my agenda I call “The Court Jester“. It’s not just about our “freedom” to mock, but also about how it is an essential part of progressive dialogue – dialogue towards human progress that is. Once we understand the limits to logically objective argumentation in human decision-making, proper dialogue is all … Continue reading “Context for Humour – The Memes Matter”

Sustainable Reading – Antilibrary requires no apology.

Wow that’s made my day (decade?) a mention of @frankieboyle liking a @nntaleb post. All things are possible when such stars align? https://t.co/xhApSQ8z1B — Ian Glendinning (@psybertron) February 19, 2017 Nassim Taleb Excellent on Umberto Eco:pic.twitter.com/dQZ1LYq3vP@nntaleb — Paul Holdengraber (@holdengraber) May 7, 2016 The Paul Holdengraber tweet came into my feed because it was liked … Continue reading “Sustainable Reading – Antilibrary requires no apology.”