Avoiding objective fetishisation of cultures. “On Fences and Fractures” @Kenanmalik @NIESRorg

Kenan Malik gave the Stephen Lissenberg Memorial Lecture at the NIESR in London last week (23rd Sept). The full transcript is here on his Pandaemonium web pages: “On Fences and Fractures – or what’s wrong with multiculturalism” so no need for a detailed summary here. His critique of multiculturalism is not new, but he was able … Continue reading “Avoiding objective fetishisation of cultures. “On Fences and Fractures” @Kenanmalik @NIESRorg”


So far I’ve only seen the Simon Sharma first excellent episode of BBC2’s Civilisations, but plan on catching up. This morning I read Kenan Malik’s review piece from the Observer, and right now I’m listening to all three presenters with Andrew Marr on BBC R4 Start the Week. Malik’s excellent piece sees a lot of … Continue reading “Civilisations”

The Intellectual Dark Web – a Sign of the Times?

The idea of an intellectual dark web sounds subversively negative, but it is a term coined by economist Eric Weinstein I originally picked-up from Jacob Kishere in his Medium post “What is driving the rise of the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ ?“. A version of that same piece has also been published by Conatus News. I’ve linked … Continue reading “The Intellectual Dark Web – a Sign of the Times?”

Identity and Misguided Political Correctness

Great edition of Start the Week with Tom Sutcliffe talking to Peter Carey, Afua Hirsch and Geert Mak. Listening in the background, but clear message that difference – (historical, geographical, biological) – matters, it’s valuable. Words for “other” have evolved in context. Denying it is ignorant, simply insulting. [Previously on Psybertron: Identity Beyond Politics and Good … Continue reading “Identity and Misguided Political Correctness”

Scientism and the Limits to Science

An important thread of mine is that scientism – the presumption that anything not-objectively-evidenced-as-scientific has no value – is the problematic meme of our times. And I mean that in everyday social, political and media life, not in academic philosophy and psychology. The polarisation that has driven the god vs science wars has led those … Continue reading “Scientism and the Limits to Science”

Extended Evolutionary Synthesis @EES_update

I find myself bookmarking or retweeting almost everything from EES because their agenda seems to coincide with so much of the thinking I’ve been doing here on Psybertron for the past 15 years and for a decade or more before that. Falling into that recurring trap of having so many things bookmarked – deserving of … Continue reading “Extended Evolutionary Synthesis @EES_update”

More on #IdentityPolitics

Wrote a fairly comprehensive piece on #IdentityPolitics a year or two ago. Have a “Good Fences” thread on the go also, about classifying individuals AND groups and recognising “woolly” boundaries and less than objective definitions (amongst other things). Naming is always political, for reasons of policy objectives. ALWAYS. The individuals being named, fluidly straddle the … Continue reading “More on #IdentityPolitics”