Throwing Ishmael Out With The Bathwater @SamiraAhmedUK @RevRichardColes

A little microcosm today of why I find myself (as an atheist) arguing in defence of religious theists, particularly more sophisticated theologian types, when they’re confronted with the stereotypical “flying spaghetti monster” or Dawkins / Krauss  attack formations. You know the kind, since god is clearly a ridiculous supernatural invention, everything you believe or say … Continue reading “Throwing Ishmael Out With The Bathwater @SamiraAhmedUK @RevRichardColes”

Ishmael Community

Ishmael Community – Blogged earlier that Daniel Quinn’s “Ishmael” trilogy was on my reading list following a recommendation from Peter Senge / Charles Handy via the Peter Drucker Foundation. Picked-up this link from a hit from the highly mystical SohoDojo which I erroneously misread as being connected with Joho. Q. How to explore the non-scientific … Continue reading “Ishmael Community”

Spinoza, Melville and Identity Politics

“The structure of reality demands a rethinking of the reality of the self.” Still not managed to get myself a copy of Rebecca Goldstein’s essay on “Literary Spinoza” that forms the Coda to The Oxford Handbook of Spinoza by Michael Della Rocca. [It’s very expensive to buy, even in Kindle form, there are precious few … Continue reading “Spinoza, Melville and Identity Politics”

Life, the Universe and Nothing New Under the Sun?

Although I’ve not being doing much original writing recently – very busy at work, home & garden, and learning some semantic-web programming(!) – I’m still following the panpsychism traffic via twitter and via hits on the blog. I still owe Tim Bollands a considered review – he’s in good company with my “close but no … Continue reading “Life, the Universe and Nothing New Under the Sun?”

Rushdie’s Windmills – All Too Real?

A strange month – more like 6 weeks – with only a single post, thanks to some new exciting work I’ve been getting into, and in which I will continue to be buried for some months if not years to come. I’ll share what I can – confidences permitting – on my business pages. Last … Continue reading “Rushdie’s Windmills – All Too Real?”

Values and humanist Values? Give us a good book. @acgrayling @LondonHumanists @SamiraAhmedUK #clhgtalk

Listened to A C Grayling talk to the Central London Humanist Group last night at Conway Hall. He’s a favourite speaker because he is such a good talker, drawing on deep knowledge of the history of philosophy since the greeks, interspersed with anecdotes from real life politics and stories from classic literature. All done naturally without slides … Continue reading “Values and humanist Values? Give us a good book. @acgrayling @LondonHumanists @SamiraAhmedUK #clhgtalk”

Sandy Deserts – Something Understood with @SamiraAhmedUK

I mentioned earlier last week looking forward to today’s BBC R4 Something Understood “Deserts“. Seeing fatally sunned sandy deserts through western, male, blue eyes (Laurie Lee’s Scott in the Desert) as a contrasting preface to the native female story of Hagar and Ishmael, highlighting of course that the sandy kind are not the only deserts. … Continue reading “Sandy Deserts – Something Understood with @SamiraAhmedUK”

Take it or leave it.

After some stressful hectic weeks – company annual conference, and a “learning experience” in US temporary-resident house-buying – Sylvia and I decided we’d have a quiet holiday weekend after work on Saturday. After checking the boys were surviving OK with end of year exam progress – just one of them has one to go – we went … Continue reading “Take it or leave it.”

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