The McGilchrist Manoeuvre

Introductory dialogue in a series (of 6?) Series title: “Attention as a Moral Act” (Upcoming 2nd one on “Valueception”.) McGilchrist Objective? – the opening para of the Intro to TMWT says it. [Quote to be added] Polymathic? – Trivium – interest from childhood and Winchester school. Sacred connection? – from a godless household discovered theological … Continue reading “The McGilchrist Manoeuvre”

McGilchrist-Levin Dialogue

Another informal chat from Michael Levin. (These are very good and this is a good one.) Chirality (asymmetry / handedness) from individual biochemistry and cells scaled-up to organs and anatomy- bio-electrical gradients – but sounds very bottom-up mechanistic / reductivist? Yes, much more, part of the “space” in which development happens. Palpation – in slime-moulds … Continue reading “McGilchrist-Levin Dialogue”

McGilchrist & Natural Information Processing

Iain McGilchrist gave a keynote speech to the “AI (Artificial Intelligence) World Summit 2022” in the full plenary session on October 12th in Amsterdam. The Video is available here and the full transcript here for members of Channel McGilchrist. [Can’t embed the Vimeo here.] I thought it significant that Iain chose to redefine “AI” for … Continue reading “McGilchrist & Natural Information Processing”

McGilchrist at Embercombe

Missed this conversation last night, so watching the recording today. Just VERY rough notes for conversation. What is the matter? Doesn’t actually answer – but talks around that we all seem to see the plight of western humanity. Then a long summary of TMWT (inc repeat of TMAHE HH content) Attention – a moral act … Continue reading “McGilchrist at Embercombe”

God Talk and McGilchrist

The small Matter of the Sacred In a “Discord” discussion-group side-branch off from “Channel McGilchrist” we’ve been having some discussions about the sacred – the most important additional topic in “The Matter With Things” (TMWT) that is not already in his earlier “The Master and His Emissary” (TMAHE). “The Sense of the Sacred” forms the … Continue reading “God Talk and McGilchrist”

McGilchrist – Stapp – Whitehead

Just a holding post to capture a three-way link. Mentioned a couple of posts ago, I was reading some 1900 / 1920 / 1930’s stuff in scientific knowledge – Schlick, Eddington and Haeckel – in which I also mentioned I had picked-up my half-remembered (2011) Henry Stapp. I suspect I will not complete the early-1900’s … Continue reading “McGilchrist – Stapp – Whitehead”

McGilchrist and Trolleyology

A large part of McGilchrist’s hemispheric hypothesis, beyond actually understanding the place of human brains and minds in the world, is essentially moral philosophy from the ancient Greek virtues onward. Given how we understand ourselves in the world, how should we act, etc. At one point, he is particularly scathing without naming names, about what … Continue reading “McGilchrist and Trolleyology”

Is McGilchrist Getting Ahead of Himself?

I’ve now read the whole of Part 1 of “The Matter With Things”, including but not just the summaries. As advertised it is a thorough collection and organisation of scientific and empirical evidence and argument for left and right hemisphere dysfunctions and their interconnections, genetic and physical, indicating their quite distinct “normal” roles, hemispherically deficient … Continue reading “Is McGilchrist Getting Ahead of Himself?”

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