Causation in Science

Finally, our #CauSciBook exists. Many years in the making @ranilillanjum — Stephen Mumford (@SDMumford) October 17, 2018 Expensive first release in hardback, so I will need some justification to buy, but clearly an important topic to me. Causation remains much weirder than everyday common sense. I am not aware of either author or any … Continue reading “Causation in Science”

Correlation is not Causation, but …

Correlation is not causation … … smart-asses often point out when someone mis-uses some statistical or perceived correlation. That’s true, and easy enough when potential common causal connections are obviously available, but that’s quite unusual in the “real world”. Causation is fundamentally mysterious even in simple Newtonian billiard-ball cases, or our daily expectation of sunrise, … Continue reading “Correlation is not Causation, but …”

Causation Conundrum

“Causation is seriously weird” – has been a mantra since the earliest days of this blog. Even in 2005/6 I was wearily referring to causation being the issue “again”. And part of that is the weirdness of time itself and the tendency (!) for cause to precede effect. And that’s even with cause transmitted by … Continue reading “Causation Conundrum”

Unpicking Confused Causation with Massimo Pigliucci

I have many times left hanging the idea that causation is seriously weird, if you get down to looking closely at what we really mean or try to explain how it works. “… important assumptions about time and causality at base – seriously weird concepts when you research beyond common sense – a recurring issue … Continue reading “Unpicking Confused Causation with Massimo Pigliucci”

Causation – It’s Complicated

Facts, Causation & Speculation Any “facts” not in the links provided are purely speculative on my part, but the connections are real enough. Anyone saying this happened because that happened should be confined to a lab, unless their whole audience recognises their rhetorical intent. Three of these items are connected by the fourth – in … Continue reading “Causation – It’s Complicated”