Management & governance more than rational analysis.

Interesting (2014) blog from Henry Mintzberg on (1980/90’s) Harvard MBA failings, echos my own (1992) MBA Dissertation. A flexible learning organisation needs a rational model like a hole in the head. What goes around comes around. Also put me in mind of (1920/30’s) Mary Parker-Follett.

Governance with Love, from New York to Boston. @platobooktour

My investigations here started 15 years ago into information, particularly as knowledge in a decision-making context, but it’s been some years since I decided governance was the umbrella term for that agenda – the basis for enacting best decisions – for any groups of people or constituencies of any size. Furthermore, wherever the information does not simply represent … Continue reading “Governance with Love, from New York to Boston. @platobooktour”

Anarchy Chooses Governance

I was thinking this hearing the news stories around bitcoin going maintream, and noticed this post on LinkedIn today. “the bitcoin industry embraces what it was built to avoid – rules and regulation” Sooner or later every (would be) anarchist discovers “we” chose governance because it’s good for “us”. You listening Russell Brand?

Governance not Mob Rule, Please

In response to this Herald Scotland piece on EU and UK Constitutional  difficulties being posted on Facebook Smiffy posted this: I can’t even decide which way I would vote on our membership of the EU. I see that there are apparently valid arguments on both sides, both sides use economic and social arguments for their … Continue reading “Governance not Mob Rule, Please”

Values in Governance

In a debate ostensiby about theistic religion vs atheistic humanism over on the Rev Sam’s Elizaphanian blog, the subject has come back round to the pragmatic issues of “values” and the institutions needed for their maintenance in society generally. [Here] [Here] & [Here]. Debates on both MoQ-Discuss and Friends of Wisdom have ended up precisely here before … Continue reading “Values in Governance”

Solms and Harari on the Future of Humanity

Made no secret of the fact that I was never very impressed with Yuval Harari’s take on consciousness – what it is and how it functions – so was a little sceptical linking to this discussion facilitated by Indonesian blogger / you-tuber Gita Wirjawan. In terms of biological brains and minds, my trajectory has been … Continue reading “Solms and Harari on the Future of Humanity”

Strained Conversation

Opening Gambit [Links being added] [Q (21 Aug)]: “I understand that you have a professional engineering background and a strong interest in systems theory …  If you would like to discuss this very important topic one on one I would be interested.” [A (22 Aug)]: “Sure, I most recently I summarised my interest here (18 … Continue reading “Strained Conversation”

I Identify as Humanist

[The following paraphrases “My Worldview” page.] I identify as Humanist (But then so do many people of faith who also value humanity.) Does that make me an Atheist? (Well kinda, maybe, but that’s jumping the gun on a metaphysical question, below.) As a Humanist, I’m also a Free-Thinker. (Part of what used to be called … Continue reading “I Identify as Humanist”

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