Spreadsheets for Machines

Interesting analysis from John Udell of Excel and Google Spreadsheets from a web publishing perspective.

Still hard to beat the spreadsheet for human readable organization of data (*), but the flexibility of format and use makes automation problematic. (*) And not just presenting and organizing data, also as a mark-up and mapping UI, adding adjacent columns is so natural. I’ve been heard to voice the idea (based on no evidence) that the Egyptians probably used the approach on slates of tabula when building the pyramids.

Abandoned Beauty

There are lots of sites with photos of abandoned inhabitation, but this was clearly a beautiful resort location. I’m guessing despite the spelling it’s here, in Georgia on the Black Sea ?

(Friday evening dose of Rivets.)

And a little too much IKEA for my liking but some of these are excellent. The Lays potatoes and the Funeral service for example. Brilliant.