Too Much Coincidence ?

Dusty the cat and this current UK news story ?

Heard suggestions on the news this morning (BBC Radio4 Today) that the UK story was in fact a hoax …. don’t see any later updated news …. I’m guessing a meme spurred by 4chan – meme in the (awful) web sense.

I mean, who has a CCTV camera set up focussed on their wheelie bin ?
How are Bale and Mann connected …. that is the question.

The Answer is Facebook

If facebook is the answer, what was the question ? The open-graph framework / foundation of the social-layer on which the game-layer will be built.

The “game layer”;
a pervasive net of behavior-steering game dynamics that will reshape education and commerce.

Intriguing TED Talk from Seth Priebatsch. It’s all game theory in practice … so behaviour steering dynamics is an interesting concept.

Buzz Kill

I’ve been disappointed that neither Buzz nor Wave has taken off – both very clever, but both struggling to find the app that even web savvy people can understand. Interesting post here from Leo Laporte (hat tip to Matt) – even much blogging is like shouting into the void – it’s not all conversation – but at least with a blog it’s your thoughts being collected in your words, your way, and the level of dialogue can be measured in quality rather than noise.


Saw it a couple of weeks ago and it left me unmoved, and more to the point impressed at the budget and stunning FX and depressed to see them wasted on such pretentious twaddle (just like Avatar). Read a few reviews since. Guardian, Kermode.

Yes, lots of unresolved uncertainty, dreams within dreams leaving disjoints in time and in between dream and reality. Clearly not meant to be easy to follow, getting lost is deliberate – OK, no problem with films that take several close viewings to get the whole story – Fight Club say. But why the mix of drivel script – as if we needed a running commentary of what was going on – with the zap-pow action-movie for what is obviously a psychological plot. The recurring wife and kids guilt trip just deepened the tendency to gag on the formulaic hollywood elements.


The demographics of technological involvement from Forrester.

Via Brian at Sell, Sell, Sell; via Candace; via Ben at ITIABTWC; via Kirsy at the Whistling Duck; via Get Shouty Katie; with hat tip to Johnnie for pinging his link to Facebook. And even when you follow the provenance back, the best you can find is …

This ….

is “anonymous”.

Oh well, it’s pretty good anyway. Anyone want to claim it ?

Gerrard’s Cross

Forget your OBE’s, MBE’s, VC’s, knighthoods and peers of the realm. The highest honours in national sporting achievements should be named after the man – no higher honour. I guess if he appeared in Terry Butcher’s blood-soaked head cloth we could elevate him to sainthood maybe.

When will we dispense with useless expensive foreign figureheads in the national game. Surely there’s a fashionable club that would value Capello on their timesheets and save England shelling out needlessly for old rope. Notts County maybe.

(PS – I need to see some replays, but how on earth was Jagielka credited with an own goal, even if it was a goal, which I doubt too.)