These are not “clashes”

The “clashes” headline reads like rival fans bumping into each other.
In fact it’s premeditated fascist attacks.

100 Lazio “Ultras” attacking Spurs fans in Rome
… armed with knives, baseball bats, and knuckle dusters.

Gaza or Rome, what’s the difference ?

[Like I said “attempted murder” is not “rival fans clashing” – get a grip BBC.]

RIP John Sutherland

The side-kick to Robert Pirsig on the 1968 road trip that was Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Quite a character by all accounts; I met him just once in 2008 at the old Pirsig house in St.Paul where he regaled us with stories of bike rides and musical parties in the 60’s. Sad to hear of his passing Sunday 18th November 2012 after failing to recover from an earlier stroke. A character undoubtedly missed, but immortalized for many in ZMM.


Example story:

The Pirsig’s were the first people in the neighbourhood to get a copy of the Beatle’s White album, and also had a serious HiFi sound system, enough to broadcast into the street, so parties were a frequent and popular focal point for local musos and artists.