The Earliest Interweb-Thingy ?

Thanks to Dan Glover for posting this Mundaneum link on MoQ-Discuss. (And to Ron Kulp for this documentary link to the same subject.) I’ve blogged several times previously on the similarity of blogging to the approach Pirsig used to organise his ideas, and how this is a generic metaphor for the interconnectivity rather than atomism of … Continue reading “The Earliest Interweb-Thingy ?”

Now That’s Interesting

A BBC News story on some research on the letter writing habits of scientists of old, vs current day e-mail habits, finds the scale and patterns of communication are much the same. Twas ever thus. The technology is (almost) irrelevant. (I’ve also commented before that blogging is very like – notekeeping / index cards used … Continue reading “Now That’s Interesting”


Not tried this new “FreeMind” mind-mapping software yet – I remember being very disappointed with Mind Manager, the net topologies you could create were far too simple – but I’m on the look out for something new. Interesting given my Pirsig interests, and the fact I blogged way back that “Pirsig was a Blogger“, that … Continue reading “FreeMind”

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