His NIBBS – Dr Ian Pitchford runs the Human Nature Review and publishes this Daily Review of news in evolutionary psychology as “NIBBS“. [via Jean-Luc Delatre]. Recent editions include very positive reviews of Pinker’s “The Blank Slate”, Dennett’s “Freedom Evolves” and Jones’ “Y – The Descent of Men”. A positive gold mine of material.

Frank Ramsey

Frank Ramsey – Brother of the Archbishop Lord Michael Ramsey and son of A.S Ramsey (Mathematics, Vice-Master Magdelene, Cambs), died in 1930, aged just 26. [Cambs links broken – temporary here, and here.] Get’s a mention in Wittgenstein’s Poker as the “precociously brilliant mathematician” I notice, but I had not recognised his contribution to changing … Continue reading “Frank Ramsey”

Devils Chaplain ?

I think that’s the correct title of Dawkins latest offerring. By coincidence, given the previous blog, he was on Start the Week this morning with Andrew Marr on BBC Radio 4. Another member of the panel said he could not believe that there were enough “creationists” left in the world for Dawkins to feel the … Continue reading “Devils Chaplain ?”

Susan Blackmore Link(s)

Susan Blackmore Link(s) – Went back to look at Susan Blackmore’s provocative contribution to the QuestionCentre2003, blogged a couple of days ago. All I knew about Dr Blackmore previously was her Meme Machine fame – but not yet read it (who’s off to Borders tonight then ?!). I hadn’t spotted that Adam Hart-Davis was her … Continue reading “Susan Blackmore Link(s)”

Quantum Mind 2003

Quantum Mind 2003 – Centre for Consciousness Studies at Uni of Arizona [via Danny] [via Don Mitchell] is hosting this interesting conference in March. Also has a huge resource of on-line papers collected by David Chalmers, including Searle, Dennett, Millikan, Fodor, Block, Hilbert, Carnap, Putnam and many more. (Currently reading Jerry Fodor’s “Psychosemantics”, prompted by … Continue reading “Quantum Mind 2003”

Repurposing ?

Repurposing ? From Sean B Palmer [miscoranda], a quote from Tim BL under his “Aphorisms” list.[Quote] If you say what you mean rather than what you want done with it, you can repurpose it so much better. [Unquote]Not sure I agree with this one as stated, but there is something in the spirit. Dennett’s Intentional … Continue reading “Repurposing ?”

Rationalisation as Compression

Been reading Pinker, Dennett, Rousseau and Rawls in the break. Forming a view of rationalisation as compression (after simple equals powerful idea). Pinker refers to the entire left side (?) of the brain as the “baloney generator” designed to produce convincing sounding “arguments” in difficult situations. Humans have an innate comfort with the “rational” and … Continue reading “Rationalisation as Compression”

Kurzweil – Accelerating Intelligence

Ray Kurzweil (AI) Accelerating IntelligenceOverhyped AI site of “extraordinary”, “revolutionary”, “prophetic vision” (sic), but contributory big thinkers include the likes of Richard Dawkins, Arthur C Clarke, Richard Feynman, Daniel Dennett, Steven Pinker, Marvin Minsky, Roger Schank (of Jorn infamy ?), Murray Gell-Mann, Martin Rees, Roger Penrose, Steve Jones, Paul Davies, Stephen Jay Gould and more. … Continue reading “Kurzweil – Accelerating Intelligence”