Not Frightening the Horses

When dealing with science and engineering “STEM” and other numerate bean-counter accountant & management “MBA” types it’s funny what comes up in conversation. In dialogue you might pick-up considerations like Love and Spirituality, but you won’t find those words in their spreadsheets or specifications. In sensible, real-world, day-job contexts where rubber meets the road it … Continue reading “Not Frightening the Horses”

Against Criticism?

In my own rules of discourse, I’ve always emphasised creativity & increasing understanding over analytically destructive critique & debate. This is to counterbalance, by dynamic integration, the imbalance promoted by the “critical thinkers” who shout most effectively in the dysmemic sense. In fact, the destructiveness of Aristotle’s analytic knife features in my very first (2001) … Continue reading “Against Criticism?”

Forgotten More Than I’ve Written?

24th year of blogging and, I’m repeating myself a lot as I’m marshalling main threads into (hopefully) book and/or thesis chapters. Cycling through the topics I’m finding stuff I said years ago is pretty good to go mostly unchanged. Kind of embarrassing that I didn’t pull it all together sooner. Contexts and content of current … Continue reading “Forgotten More Than I’ve Written?”

50th Anniversary Edition of ZMM has Arrived

Not available for sale outside the US & Canada yet, the publisher very kindly let me have 3 copies of the 50th anniversary edition of ZMM published Tuesday last week. I can confirm that as well as the new Foreword from Matt Crawford, this edition contains both the Author’s Introduction and the Afterword referring to … Continue reading “50th Anniversary Edition of ZMM has Arrived”

WOSC or ISSS – “Systems Umbrella”?

(Actually published a week or so ago as a “page” for no good reason – so now as a “post”. In fact was really an early draft of a longer piece, now I have all three presentations mentioned in the final para at “END” below, before all the other post-notes.) I’ve elaborated my own systems … Continue reading “WOSC or ISSS – “Systems Umbrella”?”

Psybernetics ?

Never really approved of neologisms as a way of avoiding the baggage of perfectly serviceable existing words and language. Two reasons: First, that it implies some “invention” of the concept not just the word, and that invention implies some proprietorial – copyright – interest in its use, even if the idea is as old as … Continue reading “Psybernetics ?”

Synergy or Emergence?

Whichever word we choose (*1) – synergy or emergence – to represent systematic parts (internal and/or external) interacting to create “more than the sum of the parts” (*2), what really matters is that we have an explanation and understanding of how IT happens (*3). How synergy leads to emergence of entirely new entities and behaviours, … Continue reading “Synergy or Emergence?”

Metzinger’s – Elephant and the Blind

Mentioned Thomas Metzinger a few times before, so was interested in his new book. Sadly expensive as a book, so initially on the unbought as well as unread library list, but in fact MIT Press Direct has a free online copy: [Love that version of the image of the blind men getting to grips with … Continue reading “Metzinger’s – Elephant and the Blind”