Brief History of Systems Thinking

I formed my own view of how Systems Thinking came to be the umbrella term for what I’m about, and I can be quite dismissive of the choice of labelling given to different approaches and methodologies – which always feel like selling different commercial education and consultancy offerings. And when reading and researching about the … Continue reading “Brief History of Systems Thinking”

Turning 50: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

“Turning 50: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” is a BBC Radio 4 “Archive on 4” edition broadcast last weekend to mark the 50th anniversary of publication of Robert Pirsig’s “culture-bearing” book in 1974. #ZMM50th The host and interviewer is Dr Chris Harding, the voice of BBC Radio 3’s “Free Thinking” so I really … Continue reading “Turning 50: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”

May 2024 Half-Way Update

More than half-way through May and I’ve not posted since the last weekend in April . Distracted by several things since the Robert Pirsig Association’s inaugural #ZMM50th anniversary Chautauqua on Sunday 28th. Partly just reflection time on where next (?) for the RPA and taking the weather-window opportunity (at last) for garden chores and walking … Continue reading “May 2024 Half-Way Update”

Salman Rushdie’s “Knife” and Pirsig’s “Quality”

Rushdie’s been touring the media shows trailing his latest book “Knife” recounting the story of and recovery from the disfiguring stabbing attempt on his life in New York back in August 2022. I would at some point get round to reading it, when my writing priorities are behind me, I’ve read and reviewed most of … Continue reading “Salman Rushdie’s “Knife” and Pirsig’s “Quality””

1991 and all that

I keep noticing and thought I’d share that several things (meaninglessly) coincided in 1991. Robert Pirsig published his second book “Lila” in 1991 Dan Dennett published his “Consciousness Explained” in 1991 I completed and was awarded my Masters Degree in 1991 None of us knew each other’s work then, and there’s been huge convergence of … Continue reading “1991 and all that”

What Keeps Me Awake At Night?

Ben Taylor responded to a challenge from Katrin Shaw on LinkedIn, and I’m taking it up, and taking a lead, from his response. Suffering? No, I certainly don’t lie awake worrying about widespread suffering, unfairness and inequality in the world – a question as old as philosophy and theology, and I’m certainly fortunate not to … Continue reading “What Keeps Me Awake At Night?”

A Great Loss to the World – #RIPDanDennett

I almost said great loss to the intellectual world – but his intellect is indeed a loss to the whole world. I last communicated with Dan only three weeks ago, about the fact he was planning to be attending this year’s “How The Light Gets In” only by telepresence. For various multiple conference priority reasons, … Continue reading “A Great Loss to the World – #RIPDanDennett”

A Mouthful of Unsalted Soup

Psybertron blog action has retreated to book / thesis drafting behind the scenes, as most of my life is taken over by planning for two summer events – the International Society for Systems Sciences (ISS) and the American Society for Cybernetics (ASC) conferences in Washington DC in early June, and the Robert Pirsig 50th anniversary … Continue reading “A Mouthful of Unsalted Soup”